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Anyone using this mower

RedMax Man

LawnSite Platinum Member
Dracut, MA
I wouldn't touch that with a 10' pole.
That machine in no way will stand up to the test that a true Commercial mid size walk behind will.

Most commercial mower manufactures make 36" deck mowers that will fit through gates.


LawnSite Member
Looks pretty cheezy in the handles and arms. Doesn't look rugged enough.


LawnSite Silver Member
CT shoreline
after you buy that give your customers my number so when it breaks i can take over. and when it does break, im sure sears will be very willing to take special care of you since your commerical and fix it fast

Matts lawn care

LawnSite Senior Member
Just look at the front push mower tires! No Way!

zim bob the landscaper

LawnSite Bronze Member
Fitchburg, MA
i have a crafts man tractor it works but I HATE IT!!!!!! thats why im getting a wright stander. i would go with a commercial 36" or a 32" instead of that. oe get a stander.