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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by ***CLC***, Apr 3, 2008.

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    The DR VERSA-PRO Z-Mower. I’m just curious to see if anyone has ventured out and actually used this unit. I’ve always heard good things from home owners that used DR products, but I don’t know of anyone that’s used this unit. I will say from their ad on TV they need to improve the way it turns or get someone else to operate it (Rookie):laugh:….that joker about turfed the entire yard…:hammerhead: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:
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    Read into this statement, and reconsider it.
  3. ***CLC***

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    Reconsider what, my question????
    Oh-so I get it…if it’s marketed for a home owner or from a company that normally supplies product to home owners, then we shouldn’t ask about it….is that what your saying Mr. Professional????
    It’s very simple….have you used one and what do you think about the mower…It's a question!!!!!
    Yo, seriously…some of you guys kill me…this site is intended for positive and constructive feed back on issues, products, and general questions that members may have…it’s a shame that some people choose to let their rude manners shine when they are not needed…
    Look if you don’t have anything good to say keep your mouth shut….nobody on here wants to here it, ok!

    And yes we all know the DR products are marketed for homeowners….but thanks genius!!!

    This mower is being advertised as commercial grade!!! Oh-but you knew that also, Right genius??? :hammerhead:

    Now that that BS has been addressed, if anyone has any "useful" info I would love to hear some feed back on this mower. Thanks!
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    Dude...You have an attitude that will get you absolutely nowhere...both here and in life. What's up with all the attitude and name calling? Are you really that down on yourself? First of all, this place IS a place that is intended for positive and constructive feed back on issues, products, and general questions that members may have. I would invite you to read 8 years worth of my postings, and you would have enough positive and correct contribution to write a book.
    Now,...without getting all jacked out of shape, I am going to suggest to you the samre thing that HUNDREDS of members have suggested to others whom have brought up this same type of question. Do a search using the words homeowner AND commercial, and you will see dozens of guys on here that came back on and said "I wish I would have done it right the first time". there are so many reasons to list. I'm not going to get into it right now, because I have written this same thing out numerous times to help people. I CAN tell you this, though....research not only spindles and transfer units, but research hydro pumps, wheel motors, shaft hardnesses, bearing setups, and fabricated to stamped decks.
    I am just trying to help.....yuo can take it any way you want...but i will tell you this, you want to call me "Mr. Professional". I have been in this business for over 25 years. I service not only all our machinery, but many other lawn service's equipment, as well as some homeowners who own commercial equipment. I've seen and serviced alot of "home depot" specials that are essentially look alikes. The differences go way beyond the eye. As I say,...all I am trying to do is help you.
    Now, with the reply you came off with, do you think it's any wonder no one else replied back to you?
    I wish you luck in all your future endevours.
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    dude, joe has forgotten more about lawncare then most of us will ever learn. you will have a short stay on this site with your negative attitude. if you ask a question, dont just expect answers that are pleasing to you or the answers you wanna hear. it sounds like you are gonna buy that mower regardless of what people might say about it. why did you waste yours and everyone else's time by starting this thread if you already have your mind made up?:dizzy:
  6. ***CLC***

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    Negative attitude??? You have got to be kidding…that’s almost funny….Check out the first post, it was a QUESTION, and no where in it do I suggest that I have the intent to purchase it…and just so you know I’ve done all my research and made the right decisions for myself. I don’t want or need more mowers, but thanks!!!…. I also think its rude when you ask a question someone has to leave smartass remarks…it so uncalled for….and that has nothing to do with my demeanor!! I also think for you to come on this post and suggest that people should not expect to get the answers they want is absolutely ridiculous…ummm, correct me if I’m wrong, but the last time I checked that is what these forums are for….and Runner, look my friend, you can have all the experience in the world, and I’m happy for you, but does that mean you have to be disrespectful to people trying to participate on these forums….come on this is so juvenile and a total waste of my time…if I knew up front this is the type of feed back I would get for trying to partake on this site, trust me my friend, I would have never asked the question…so look, you guys go ahead and play your roll because you do it so well and I will sit back and do what I do, and that’s keep to myself and not partake any more. I just think you guys need to know that its not very inviting to have this sort of response and it will not encourage participation from others if this is the nature of your replies!!!
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    Lol, why should we post if we have to say good things about the mower?
  8. Runner

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    Let me say something. First, I would like to apologize if you took my reply as being smart-alek, because I never meant it to be like that. That was certainly not my intention, and isn't even my style. I mean this sincerely. I guess for a new-comer, it could be misinterpreted...but honestly, it is the last thing I would want to do, is make someone feel unwelcome, or come off as smug or condescending. The way I answered that question..was with a bit more on the insight side of things - having read dozens of threads closely related to this (the homeowner grade vs. true commercial equipment) and even having wrote in on some of them, as well. We have also had many people ask similar questions, went out and purchased some of this other grade equipment, and wrote back to us later, because the amount of trouble they have had with it. On the other hand, we have had some good stories - involving many people who have done things and purchased used commercial equipment (such as walk behinds) - as that is all their budget allowed, and had great success with them (those are the ones I like). It has just happened SO many times before....
    It was on that premise - that that reply was worded the way it was...sort of "short but sweet". But I never meant to offend yu or come of as a smart-alek....I thought it would just be read, and it would be taken like. "Ah-ha...good point." :)
    Oh,...and I agree with what you're saying about the guy thy have on the mower spinning divots into the lawn (even though it wasn't visible, we know it was stressing the turf). A season of turns like this, and the lawn would look like a minefield. Of course, they need to look at some changes in their marketing, anyway. Remember the commercial about the wheeled string trimmer? What sticks in my mind the most was the shot of the old guy riding his JD tractor, while the old wife was in the background struggling with this "trimmer mower" along the weedline at the back of the yard....which begged the question; What was the sense?:confused::rolleyes:
    Incidentally, just a little "tidbit" of information,... these machines (convertible mowers) are manufactured by a company called Rich Manufacturing. These machine HAVE come a long way since their beginning, but still have a LONG way to go before being ready for the real commercial market.
    Anyway, I hope you're not discouraged, and hope you know you are more than always welcome. I wish you all the best for this upcoming season.
  9. John Gamba

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    The Dr's Version has a Two year Commercial warranty on mower and engine.

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