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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by EliteImpressions, Sep 22, 2007.

  1. EliteImpressions

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    from Jersey
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    Im currently studying to get my certifications for next year. Im learning a lot by reading every thread since 2000. My question is if anyone near the Deptford area in NJ would like some help for the next year or so.

    Im looking to gain further knowledge on the correct practices with accessing the customers lawn and then what amendments to put down to improve it. Im willing to help out on my only day off (usually Wednesdays). Im not looking for any pay except if you need help with seeding, aeration, (the heavy labor), etc.

    I know most people would be against it since I will be competition next year, but Im looking for the company that actually knows what theyre doing. I figure these companies are already established and dont need or want any more customers.

  2. mdlwn1

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    You might be too far away..but Cerami in Ocean county.....The Rutgers people used to ask US questions!
  3. EliteImpressions

    EliteImpressions LawnSite Member
    from Jersey
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    Thanks for the offer but its looking like it would be and hour and half drive. Beggars cant be choosers but I would like a shorter drive if possible.
  4. TSM

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    kuddos to you

    unlike most who get licensed then rely on a message board you are willing to get hands on...

    I expect you will do well

    PS - if you want to work in MA we'll make room for you
  5. EliteImpressions

    EliteImpressions LawnSite Member
    from Jersey
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    Thanks. Im really hoping someone is willing around me.
  6. mgramling

    mgramling LawnSite Member
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    I having the same problem here in Memphis, TN.. Nobody is willing to let me work for them part time. Even for FREE. so far I have talked to over 10 companies, and not a single one wants a part time guys w/ no experience. I even have my cat.#3 license. which is what is required here in the state of TN to spray yards. So far no takers on free labor.

    One guy even told me, so you want me to teach you so you can compete against me. I never told him I was looking to open my own company.
  7. mkroher

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    In my area, there's a company that has thousands of accounts, and walmart prices. I know one of their employees, worked for them for years, quit, started his own business, and stole most of the customers he serviced when with the other company. I've heard there were more than one employees that did that too.
  8. mgramling

    mgramling LawnSite Member
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    I see adds here in the local paper looking for spray techs, I call them, or stop in and talk w/ owner or manager. They always tell me that they could use a part time guy, but really don't know how to work me in. Talk with them for a couple of weeks. Nothing ever happens. Month later they run an ad in the paper again looking for spray techs. Call them back and they tell me they still haven't hired anybody but need a guy really back. Cycle continues every month or two.
  9. PHS

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    Like someone else mentioned, you have the right attitude so you'll do fine in the long run but the situation you are asking for is a little weird.

    If you want to learn the business, my advice is quit your other job and do it full time for a couple years. Training an employee is way too expensive and time consuming to just come out and play around once a week.

    Offering to not get paid makes it even worse because the first thing I would think as a business owner is, "what's the catch"? The catch is, basically I'm going to provide someone to train you and all the equipment and materials for you with no experience, to go out and practice your application techniques on my good customers' properties so that at the end of your 20-30? days worth of work you can then go out and start your own business :). As an investment in an employee, there is a lot of risk and input involved with essentially no return.
  10. EliteImpressions

    EliteImpressions LawnSite Member
    from Jersey
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    I thought other businesses would think like you, but I was hoping there was one out there that would lend a hand. I already know quite a bit just from being OCD with my lawn, but could always know more.

    As far as quiting my full time job, thats not possible. I dont have any customers becuase I am getting my certs done now. I have three houses that I will be able to work on after I get my certs done and will put up lawn signs to get some extra business. I need 22 accounts to compensate for my full time job and expect to be there by March or so.

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