Anyone want to discus illegal laborors & the US Government?

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by DFW Area Landscaper, Jun 1, 2006.

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    I find it interesting that only in the last few months has the press & congress decided that illegal immigration was worth looking at. It has been an issue in the Lawn Care industry for as long as I can remember.

    Personally, I don't think the congress will be able to get a bill on this tough issue. Problems I see:

    1.) Our economy is dependent on foreign labor. Not my words. Those are the words of President Bush. Every senator that I've seen interviewed on this issue (Meet the Press) agrees that mass deportation is not the solution. The congress realizes that mass deportation of the illegal work force would cripple our economy.

    2.) Whether you want to call keeping the workers here "amnesty" or not, that is what it is. If you allow them to stay, it's amnesty.

    3.) Most senators agree that employers of illegal immigrants should be penalized. Some promote "amnesty" for past hirinig violations and agree that existing illegals should be allowed to stay. The whole problem is, how can you be certain, as an employer, that there was no identity theft when the worker obtained the social security card or even a new and improved "tamper proof" version. More importantly, what about "self employed" illegals that compete with these employers? What would be done about that?

    4.) Anchor babies, as they are being referred to in the press, and what to do with them. Do you deport the parents of a US citizen who isn't old enough to fend for himself? If you deport the parents and "let them decide what to do with the kids" isn't that really denying citizenship to legitimate citizens? What about the US born citizens who are currently serving in the military? Thanks for risking your life in Iraq, we appreciate your efforts...and Oh, by the way, while you were gone, we deported your parents.

    5.) What becomes of any social security paid into the system by a worker who worked under a false identity? Would these new citizens be denied credit for all the taxes they paid into the system?

    6.) One senator promoted his idea that illegal workers be allowed to stay and keep their jobs, but newly arriving workers would not be allowed to get jobs. So I am guessing the employer of that worker would have ZERO pressure to ever increase that workers pay or treat them fairly because the worker can't go get another job elsewhere.

    7.) Our country is a country of immigrants. My great gand father migrated here from Germany. He didn't speak english but he was welcomed here. One of the senators on Meet the Press mentioned that illegal workers should be allowed to stay temporarily, but that a path to citizenship should not be their reward for coming here illegally. Later in the report, they mentioned that the current wait time to migrate here legally is SIXTEEN years. That is insane. I would be speaking german if my great grand-father had been faced with a 16 year wait to migrate here. Why has the US altered it's immigration laws so drastically since the time that most of our (white european) ancestors migrated here?

    Those are some of my politically charged thoughts on the subject. Anyone else care to comment?

    DFW Area Landscaper
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    I recall reading somewhere in an article that it said it's actually costing americans money to keep the illegals here because alot of them aren't pulling their own weight.

    The stats of illegals in LA is sick, many are in prison and gangs, thus is why we're having to pay to keep them here and only about 3% are actually working in the jobs that "no one wants".

    I don't listen to it all, I don't care about it because there's nothing I can do about it and everyone has their own opinion. But it's just not right to let them keep coming here or let them stay here when others are doing it legally.
  3. kc2006

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    My great grand parents were from Germany and Italy, they also didn't speak english. BUT the key thing is, they learned it and they respected everyone by speaking english on the streets. Something you don't see today. Back then it was majority rules, now it's minority rules or everyone is a racist!

    If people coming here respected the land and the "natives" then I wouldn't care, but they're here illegally, they don't respect people by speaking english, they don't know what freedom means there for they don't care about our flag or anything american. When i saw them all torching flags and being stupid like that, I was 100% against all illegals.

    A good little story I saw in a magazine was about a family that lived here illegally for 30 some years, their son joined the army and died FIGHTING FOR THEIR FREEDOM, they didn't understand that and only understood that their son was killed so they hate the government now. But they still live here illegally.....I don't get it :hammerhead:
  4. Dashunde

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    Until they marched, I was ok with them... however, my opinion has changed drastically. (I assume I am not the only one.)

    How dare those ILLEGAL F'ers march around OUR country DEMANDING something.
    Take your Mexican't a$$ back across the border if you dont like it here.

    Fraudulent welfare recipients
    Fake ID's
    Stolen Socials
    Jumping the fence right before birth, then having their "anchor" babies at OUR expense.
    Never learning English (I'm sick and F'n TIRED of reading Spanish everywhere)
    And thats just the beginning of the list.

    Truth be told... they are a HUGE DRAIN on our economy, NOT the f'n backbone of it.

    Frankly, I think we citizens should be taking turns down on the border with guns pointed south... our government wont do it, maybe we should?

    Havent we as American's had enough of this Mexican foolishness?
  5. Joe65

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    Not to mention, the number of illegals whose children(not their fault) are filling our schools, thus raising our taxes........the number of illegals who are filling up all of the apartment/housing rentals thus raising the costs of rentals which are totally out of control and unaffordable for some poor guy just starting out on his own.....the strain on our welfare system, who is paying for all the illegals to have more and more children........ah, we can go on and on......
  6. PJDiesel

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    The "we need them here" mentality that Bush has is a front to protect the huge farms and nurseries that employ tens of thousands of illegals, and the industries that lined his pockets for re-election. If you believe any different, you are simply naive.
    The argument that we are all immigrants is lame too, we were not all ILLEGAL immigrants who basically demanded equal rights???

    Ticks me off.
    They ought to hand out $10,000 fines to employers for each and every illegal they are caught with.

    DUSTYCEDAR LawnSite Fanatic
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    i am tired of anyone that is here and not working to help the system i dont care what color or race they r
    nothing is going to change they r here doing jobs that we "supposedly dont want to do"
    why dont we want to do them? low pay? well if we keep letting in the cheep labor the wages will never go up but thats ok for the owners
  8. Fvstringpicker

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    To answer #5 about social security paid on a fraudulent identification, the person paying the tax, though fraudulent, has a right to draw social security.
  9. fulano

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    I like illegals and so does my government.
  10. Fvstringpicker

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    You ain't joking about that. Watch Bush's pandering speech before to US chamber of commerce and you'll see how much.

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