Anyone wiling to share contract templates specific to the Business???

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by INTEGRITY LAWN, Dec 14, 2001.


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    I am wanting to know if there is anyone willing to share contracts, or contract templates? I don't want to impose on anyone. Just really don't know where to start, and what a contract would need to say. If you are will to share contracts, or advertisements, or documents of such- It would be a huge help, and a big time saver.

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    If someone had an attorney to help them with their buisiness then they likely wouldn't share that. There is contract generating software out there. I'm just starting to search on it. Here's one link:

    Let us know if you find something else.

    There are stock contracts at Office Depot / Max but surely it would take more to make that look professional.

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    PM me you e-mail and I will send you my proposals not contracts I don't use contracts cause I try and do business on a hand shake. Please no posts on how wrong this is. Proposals work for me. They are in fact contracts. You will have to change them for your area and service but they should be a start. I wrote these many years ago. I forget which industry Magzine I got the formate from. Just cut and paste and you should be good to go. SORRY I WILL NOT SEND THEM TO EVERYONE.
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    Ric I dont want to impose either but if I could I would like to see them too
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    Hello Everybody:

    I didn't use Contracts on my Residential Customers until, the Bank wanted some, because I was Borrowing a Large amount of Money. All it did was Cause me Problems. I went back & Sent my copies back to the ones that Signed them. It was a Relief T00!

    The Funny thing about Contracts is this? They are Made to Be Obeyed, Changed & Broken! No More or No Less! Now it is a Little Different on Larger Commercial Accounts & on say Large Installs. But no way on Residentials. It's not Worth it, believe me?

    When you bid the Job it is Your Job to make it Very Clear as to what Services you are going to Provide. I did Year Rounders, all were either 7, 10 or 14 days. I gave one Monthly Fee for Mowing, Hedging, Edging, Trimming, Weeding & Blowing off all Concrete Services. Everything else is Agreed on a Jobber basis of so much an hour & Materials would be Marked up 20% in most cases. It varied Job to Job?

    Now I did it for 5 years & I got burned only one Time! For Quite a bit. But only one time! Of course it was a Very Rich Person & they are the Brokest People there is. Most Rich Folks can't Pay their Bills anyway? The Doctor that Burned me is in Prison now for not Paying IRS. I've sent him several letters, all Prison Mail is read by People there & Payback is hell? LOL, Word does get around?

    On my Residential Customers I worked 30 days in the arrears, they get billed once a month & they pay. If they didn't I slacked off where it could only be seen by the Customer.

    I had a Few that I had a Special arrangement with & they paid once every 90 days. If those were late. Well I just didn't show up & they soon send me a Check? If not they were Dropped & they could come back into Schedule at a Higher Monthly Fee?

    The reason I worked that way is Because it Automatically Built my Trust with them. I had Very few Problems because I worked like a Business Person does. Most Companies work that way.

    Hey what are you going to do, force them to use you, til the end of the contract? Take them to Court because of a $100 or $200? If you find yourself doing this your Time must be almost Worthless because of the Time it takes to do all that Legal Mumbo Jumbo? It's not worth it. Word of Mouth works fine & sooner or later it gets back to them.

    You can't always make a Profit on every job, it called being Self Employed. Cut your Loses & Move on. Life is to Short to Blow yo Heart up over a Couple of Hundred Dollars. LOL

    Besides that, if this is Happening to you more than about Once or Twice a year say per 75 to 100 accounts. It's time to Look & SEE WHAT YOU ARE DOING WRONG? Believe me it's you & not them?

    If somebody doesn't Like me or Doesn't want my Services, I do not want to be on their Property under any & all Circumstances. The Property Owner could cause you Plenty of Heartache & Grief beyong your Wildest Dreams. That's a Fact Jack!

    Look like a Pro, Act like a Pro, Work like a Pro, you will then be Treated & Paid like a Pro? Very Simple?

    If you Look around you find Professionaly Made up Contracts & Proposals for Free. Some are only a Click or 2 away! :)
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    But, what if you alone are the main contact with your clients? If you vanish from the picture, who knows what is to be provided to the client, and what he is to pay for this service?

    I have always used printed proposals to list the basic work and cost of basic procedures for each property. If I die tomorrow, it's all there in black and white for Carol and my Dad to figure out. LOL!?! Of course all rates are set up in computer, but what if they need to verify some ambiguity?

    The proposals are not shackles for me or the client; just a way of listing what we agreed on verbally. And clients are always going to get a lot more than stated in the proposal. ;)
  7. All you need is

    State what your doing

    Quick terms

    And the key is, have them sign and date it.

    All legal in court.

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