Anyones daily driver a flatbed?????

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by KrayzKajun, Jan 21, 2013.

  1. KrayzKajun

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    Tossing around the idea of setting up my dually as more work friendly. Ive always liked the idea of doing a flatbed with underbody tool boxes. Ease of hooking up gooseneck, can still mount my 85gal transfer tank, ability to load pallet on bed. Found this C & M bed forsale right down the road from my yard. Its brandnew they are asking $4k obo. Ive never priced these beds before. I need to check and make aure it will fit on my dually. Said it will fit on a dodge or ford. Here are a few pics i took. [​IMG]
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  2. LandFakers

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    That's a nice bed! I personally think that a flatbed is much better in almost all situations. Easy of loading, gooseneck, and you can put removable wooden sides on it to haul material around and such that needs containing.
  3. slowleak1

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    Offer them $2000 I bet they take it. Its been for sale for a couple years now.
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  4. KrayzKajun

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    True, i just to check the measurement from the bak of cab to axle.
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  5. dstifel

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    One thing I've noticed is you take for granted the ease of throwing something in a truck bed and not worrying about it sliding off. For the most part I liked the one I used to use a lot.
  6. noahb195

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    Took those simualtors off the dually again eh? It looks better just sayin.
  7. knox gsl

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    I would if I were you. With the bed you can put an aluminum rail down the side to keep small items in. One of 2 things will need to happen if you put that on your truck. Option one spray the bed silver to match the truck or keep it black and add a big ranch hand bumper to the front.
  8. KrayzKajun

    KrayzKajun LawnSite Fanatic
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    That was the plan. Get a black ranchhand bumper like i had on f250.
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  9. excav8ter

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    How much weight will that add to the truck? I would guess its heavier than pick-up bed. I have been considering going to a flat bed as well, but I would go aluminum.
  10. Landrus2

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    For a moment I thought it was for the Isuzu. On the dually it will look great don't know if better.:weightlifter:

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