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Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by AOLP, Nov 22, 2010.

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    the conference schedule is up on the website!!! please take a moment and check it out. if you have questions..please ask.
    no, hot air balloon rides are not be on the schedule :) Golf..yes, if you get there early. I will be trying to put something together for Monday, January 31st.
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    I will be arriving Monday evening, the 31st direct from the Kichler trip in Puerto Rico!! I'm getting pretty excited about the conference. It really gets my year off to a good start!!

    Hopefully I'll get to see a lot of you there!!

    Scottsdale or bust!
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    sent in my form this week. Year 4 of C.O.L.D., looking forward to graduation. Looking forward to hearing from Kale Lacroux, Lacroux Streeb Lighting Design. Most of all, as usuall...the networking and bull sessions
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    Chris, I know its a little early, but - Congratulations! Its gotta feel pretty good being part of the first graduating class.
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  6. INTEGRA Bespoke Lighting

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    Thanks for the props. Gregg. Truth be told, I wasn't invited and I doubt I was even considered. Look at the panel that has been assembled, and look at the 'talking points' in the summary. " Don’t Think Lamp, Think Luminaire "

    Clearly the LED lamp is not being considered as a viable option by this group, 3/4 of whom represent the interests of large LED fixture manufacturers (and manufacturer members of the Association). No worries though, it will be interesting to attend and hear what everybody has to say.

    Illumicare will be in attendance at the Trade Show / Expo for those of you who want to see and experience the line of LED lamps first hand.
  7. niteliters

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    thanks Steve, I have to pass my last assignment so hopefully, if I do that, my salaries going up :)
  8. niteliters

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    I attended the conference last year and remember Jan Moyer was on that panel. Seems she had comments about replacement lamps. My experience was more technology centered rather than replacement lamp vs fixture, brand X vs brand Y. The work shop where I remember replacement lamps really getting exposure was a work shop put on by Naomi Campbell. I don't remember the specifics but she is with a company that tests L.E.D. lamps and fixtures. something to do with C.A.L.I.P.E.R., a goverment agency, I believe. maybe someone else here will be able to comment better on the specifics. i remember last year, before attending the previously mentioned workshop, having concerns..."is this going to be a sales seminar or an L.E.D. learning experience. I can tell you all that it was a learning experience. I can't imagine anyone at any level of expertise where L.E.D. lv technology is concerned not coming away with some gained knowledge. As an individual who didn't use L.E.D. products, I left the workshop feeling like I better take a serious look at this technology and get myself educated, not that I should buy brand X or Y. Last year there was a designer and 3 manufacturers on the panel. Same this year. The panelist from the manufactuers aren't sales reps however, 2 are engineers and 1 a product manager. They have passion and knowledge about L.E.D. low voltage technology.

    I agree James, no worries, I don't remember an L.E.D. replacement lamp company being at the expo last year so it's going to be great seeing those companies that are bringing their products this year.
  9. irrig8r

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    Well I'm sure the panelists have a lo of insights from their ends of the process to bring to the table then. Is the guy from Vista one of the engineers they hired that used to be with Hydrel?
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    Actually being with Kichler and of course a fan of integrated LED fixtures, I would have loved to have James or another represenative from an LED lamp replacement company. It would be great to hear the back and forth. Maybe we will get some anyway :)

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