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    wanted to let you all know that all info is up on the AOLP webstie. If you want to know more about the conference, post it here or look at some of the post on the architectual and landscape lighting thread. Numbers are up on all levels compared to recent years. No matter your level of experience, there's an opportunity to learn. I met a landscape architect at conference last year that was blown away by everyones willingness to share. That suprised me at the first one I attended several years ago. Take a look at the schedule, I think you will find something that intersts you, whether you have never installed lighting but are wanting to get started or have thousands of lighting jobs in the field.

    Merry Christmas

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    Wanted to thank all the companies that have signed up to exhibit and sponsor at this years conference in Scottsdale AZ. One of the perks of this conference is the ability to spend time with the companies representatives throughout the conference. Most, if not all, stay for the conference and will be with you in the work shops giving there input and perspective. They will be around after hours, giving the contractor an opportunity for some small group bull sessions or one on one meetings. This, along with an opportunity to see their products during the expo makes for a well rounded experience. One experience I remember from my first year at this conference. I met a vice president of a major manufacturer at expo, asked him alot of questions. Later, thought of something else I forgot to ask. Not a problem, he stayed for conference and I was able to pull him aside the next day and get that and other questions answered.

    We have exceeded the #'s of regristrants for this time of year at all levels compared to recent years. That's exciting for all of us at all levels. The Companies that are signed up for expo already are below:

    Copper Moon
    SPJ Lighting
    Fusa Corp
    Paige Electric
    Solas Ray
    Brilliance LED
    Simply Automated
    Lighting Shrink
    HK Lighting

    If you're a company that wants to be in the expo and attend the conference, call AOLP or go to website. Contractors, don't miss out on this opportunity to learn and jump start your year. Below is our website, on the home page you can click on the box about the conference and register if you would like. If you have any questions, please call us or ask here.

    thank you
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    want to give a brief bio of each company participating in the expo

    Illumicare Group

    For more than 15 years, Illumicare Group Limited’s lighting professionals have focused on developing innovative landscape and commercial LED lighting. Rated for outdoor use in enclosed and weatherproof fixtures, Illumicare’s MR16 and omnidirectional miniature LEDs include a fully-stepped IC driver and unique thermal control to ensure their lamps operate at temperatures well below other leading brands. Illumicare’s lighting product line is designed to reduce energy and lighting system maintenance while delivering high-quality, low-voltage illumination. For more information, visit

    Please let me know if you need any further information.


    Pamela Kennedy
    (905) 830-2934
    Illumicare Group Ltd.
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    You have till January 14th I believe to get signed up for conference, if interested, at early bird prices. info on AOLP website. Will post others in the weeks leading up to conference.

    SPJ Lighting
    2107 Chico ave
    South El Monte
    CA 91733

    SPJ Lighting, Inc. is a manufacturer of outdoor lighting specializing in brass and copper fixtures. Acid etched finishes such as Matte Bronze, Rusty, and Gun Metal, give our line a unique signature in the industry and allows us to offer our lifetime warranty. In the past 5 years we have put our entire R&D department into LED lamping, and we have come up with some of the best options available in the landscape lighting field. Warm color, Interchangeable optics, and a wide array of wattages and engines are just some of the advances we have made. We also custom fabricate lanterns and post lights for all of your outdoor lighting needs. Forever Bright LED technology is our trademark, custom brass and copper lighting is our business.

    Please contact:
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    next is FUSA Corp

    FUSA CORP is a specialty lighting supply company focusing on Landscape Lighting Fixtures, Bulbs, and Accessories, as well as the newest in Energy Saving Technology. Our Dauer Lampen Solid Brass Fixtures are a superior quality product at an extremely competitive price. Our complete line of Osram “ECO” Energy Saving lamps feature Osram’s patented “IRC Technology” which offers a brighter whiter light than any standard halogen lamp on the market and consumes 30% less energy. We also have a complete line of CREE driven LED lamps in 12V, 24V, and 120V, which render the highest light output and color consistency in the industry.

    Best Regards,

    Woody Luke


    C: 813-323-0627
    F: 813-963-5776
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    Next up
    Simply Automated

    Simply Automated was founded in 2003 by Fred Kiko, holder of more than 35 patents in communications and design, who revolutionized self-installation methods of residential DSL broadband service in the late 1990s.

    The mission of Simply Automated is to be the leader in the research and development of simple, flexible, cost effective and technologically advanced solutions in the automation, lighting control and energy savings market – taking pride in being a customer friendly company that listens to our customers and provides optimum solutions for the marketplace.

    The first products developed by Mr. Kiko at Simply Automated were a complete line of lighting control and automation products using ultra-reliable UPB technology that utilized the current wiring in the house or business – no new wiring needed. The products included dimmer switches, dimming modules, relay modules, input/output modules, receptacles, phase couplers and repeaters.

    The centerpiece products include universal dimmer switches that accommodate up to 13 different faceplates -- from a single-rocker, to multi-rockers, multi-buttons, and multi-rockers with buttons – that could be easily changed in the field. An industry first, exclusive and patented!

    Intelligent firmware design and manufacturing technologies enable Simply Automated to provide a technologically superior product in the lighting control and automation market that is up to 50% lower priced than comparable products in the marketplace.

    In 2007 Simply Automated focused on the research and development of energy saving technologies and products in both the residential and commercial markets. Working in partnership with utility companies, advanced metering (AMI/AMR) and meter management (MDM) providers, Mr. Kiko developed new energy saving technologies and products soon to be introduced that will offer simple, flexible, cost effective and technologically advanced solutions to revolutionize the marketplace

    Simply Automated’s advanced lighting control technology and solutions benefit outdoor lighting contractors by providing more options. These options offer competitive advantages, in terms of more flexible and reliable solutions, as well as the opportunity to increase sales (selling more/larger systems) and better satisfy end-customer needs.

    Specifically, contractors can differentiate themselves from their competition by offering more than standard, conventional outdoor lighting control solutions. Simply Automated’s powerline technology can save installation costs and expand control points by using existing 120 VAC wiring inside and outside the home. This makes it possible to offer additional lighting controls for use inside the home, to manually control exterior lights and devices (fire pit controls, water features, gates, etc…). It offers a much more flexible solution than preset, timer based, lighting schedules. For example Simply Automated’s scheduler-timer and load-circuit (transformer) controls eliminate homeowner lighting schedule issues caused by power outages or seasonal and daylight savings changes. The scheduler-timer uses no batteries or light sensors that wear out over time, and the load controls support up to 1800 Watt (15 Amp) transformers
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    About Kichler Landscape Lighting

    Durable Products, Designer Styles and Innovative Engineering
    Kichler Landscape Lighting products offers one of the widest ranges of landscape lighting solutions available today. Our products are a premium choice, and offer:

    Backed by premium warranties of Limited Lifetime, 5-10, 15-year, noted by category. Architectural grade materials and finishes. Tough and long lasting.

    Total solutions for accenting landscapes, home exteriors, decks, ponds and pathways with a wide variety of designer styles in decorative lighting.

    In-house engineering for smart design and leading edge products including breakthrough improvements like…

    LED technology with a surprising punch of warm white light in a variety of beam spreads and wattages. This LED has more than four times the lifetime of these other sources and has extensive industry leading warranties on all components of the LED chips, drivers, optics, etc.

    .Who is Kichler Lighting?

    In 1954 when Sam Minoff bought a small Cleveland decorative lighting company, he promised to honor Leonard Kichler and never change the name of the company and to maintain the excellence his customers had enjoyed and come to expect since 1938.

    Sam has kept both promises, and today, Kichler Lighting is the world's leading decorative lighting fixture company, winner of 4 ARTS Lighting Manufacturer of the Year awards and he himself is not only a member of the Lighting Hall of Fame, but the inaugural winner of the ARTS Lifetime Achievement Award. Leadership, loyalty, honesty and quality are the principals he has brought to family-owned Kichler Lighting.

    These qualities are an important part of the makeup of every member of the Kichler extended family, each of whom understands decorative home lighting fixtures and who care about our customers. In fact, each member of the Kichler family has been instilled, from the top down, with Sam’s three guiding principals – customer care, product value and design. And it shows. Consumer surveys consistently put Kichler at the top of their list when it comes to quality, reliability and ease of installation.
    At Kichler, we take pride in transforming light into beautiful, functional works of art.

    Our designers travel the world to discover the latest trends in interior and exterior style, colors and design. Then they translate the best of those trends into fixtures that will bring beauty, pleasure and light into your customer's home to stand the test of time in both quality and design.
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    Next company at expo, Paige Electric,

    Paige Electric supplies Irrigation and Landscape Lighting distributors with wires, cable, and accessories needed by the installers. In addition to manufacturing wire, Paige Electric represents companies like 3M, Intermatic, LORESCO International, Tork/NSi, ERICO, etc.

    Paige Electric is not just a wire manufacturer. Our employees are extremely knowledgeable about the markets we serve, and we are industry leaders in educating and training industry professionals. Paige Electric is regarded as the electrical authority in these markets.


    Vince Nolletti
    Executive Vice President Irrigation & Lighting Operations
    Paige Electric Co. LP
    2683 W. Lake Van Ness Circle, Fresno, CA 93711 USA
    Phone: 559-431-2346 | Fax: 559-431-2574 | Cell: 559-906-9075 |
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    Over the last 20 years, FX Luminaire has driven the industry forward with innovation and high value solutions. The future will demand the highest efficiency lighting components engineered to last. To meet this need, FX is proud to introduce our line of Lumineux LED luminaires. Through the brand name Lumineux, FX will continue producing a growing and exciting family of LED-based products that will redefine the industry.

    FX invites you to join us at the 2011 AOLP Conference and Expo. The AOLP is open to contractors, designers, landscape architects, distributors and manufacturers working in the outdoor lighting sphere. They are an independent organization offering certifications as a Low Voltage Lighting Technician (CLVLT), as well as, an Outdoor Lighting Designer (COLD). Come and learn about the future of outdoor lighting as we see it.


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    Lighting Shrink

    Why Lightingshrink?

    In 1995 we experienced our first burning/melting connector on a Botanical Lighting project; this connector was attached to the underside of wooden decking. We were lucky our client was grilling, smelled the burning wood and pulled the plug on the transformer. We were embarrassed and speechless, this was low voltage! This was our first experience in how dangerous higher amperage electrical applications can be. Ultimately, we found the connection was loose and this started our search and testing of connection methods that we could be sure were tight no matter who connected it. We also learned that within approximately 6-7 years, water infiltration and pulled/tugged connections were becoming an intermittent problem resulting in call backs. What we have come up with in the subsequent years at Botanical Lighting is the Lightingshrink system. The system also, after being shown to our clients, has given us some unintended benefits. When we present to new installations this became an obvious relatable example of quality and on service calls, the Lightingshrink system has generated extra revenue when a new service work client wants to be sure all their connections are tight.

    The Lightingshrink connection system is essentially two parts. The first uses a fast, like a third hand, ratcheting (process patent pending) crimping tool. This tool will not release until your connection is tight! The second, a premium heat shrink tube blend that has been field tested and selected over many, proving superior in our experience against moisture and the need for tension relief.

    Though nothing takes the place of craftsmanship and checking your connections for tightness, this system in our experience offers a professional installer or beginner one of the best chances against the liability of a loose connection and allows them to install a fast, waterproof & reliably tight connection… every time.

    Jeremy Sviben

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