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    wanted to make those aware, intersted, and ready to help take their business to the next level about the (clvlt) "certified low voltage lighting technician" test that is offered at the AOLP conference. It's an opportunity for you or your staff to earn an accredidation unlike any offered presently. This certification covers all areas of landscape, installation, and service. those that have earned this certification will be commenting here soon as to the value it has added to their company. I encourage those of you seeking to move to the next level that are attending conference to enroll. please move quickly as you will need time to study. if you were pondering the idea of attending conference i hope for some of you this tips the scales. Every year that passes, experience and education become more valuable...a selling point. This certification can provide your company with a tool to seperate you.
    above is a link to sign up. hope to see many of you there to test and at conferences as well

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