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    Pursue Certification at the

    2012 AOLP Annual Conference & Expo

    Enter the COLD Program: February 7, 2012 in Lake Buena Vista, FL

    I have been involved with the development of COLD since its inception. COLD is the only program like it across the country. This is a great benefit to anyone in the business of doing outdoor lighting, whether as a designer or installer, because it addresses elements of lighting that are normally not mentioned in most related educational classes.

    This program allowed me to show my competition that I am at least one step ahead of them in this specialty trade. If you are serious about this profession, it’s a must for your industry advancement.

    Because this program is not just a quick lecture and you receive a certificate (It’s a four-year process.), it means something. There are a lot of opportunities to learn, apply and develop better awareness by taking this course. I highly recommend it, and hope that you take a serious look at what it offers.

    --Mark Carlson, COLD #1101, CLVLT #0631, Avalon Lighting Design


    Take the CLVLT Exam: February 8, 2012 in Lake Buena Vista, FL

    Participating in the CLVLT program was awesome! It not only taught me the correct things to do, but it helped me to "unlearn" some of the questionable things I'd been taught throughout the years.

    More importantly, I learned the WHY behind how things happen. That improved not only my installation skills but also my ability to answer questions, to teach and ultimately to sell.

    Getting my CLVLT has been a big help to me both professionally and personally because of the warm friendships and incredible technical experts I've met during the process. I've received a lot more benefits from it than I ever expected.

    --Brooke Perin, COLD #1114, CLVLT #0743, Wolf Creek Company, Inc.


    2012 AOLP Annual Conference & Expo
    February 9-11, 2012
    Disney Contemporary Resort

    Lake Buena Vista, Florida

    go to to get signed up or call # below

    Association Of Outdoor Lighting Professionals
    4305 North Sixth Street, Suite A, Harrisburg, PA 17110 | Local: 717-238-2504 | Fax: 717-238-9985
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    The newly revised clvlt study guide is ready! great information and its not to early to enroll and get it so you have ample time to study. staff is working on making it easier to enroll right at the website. call or post questions here if you need help
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    One of the best things I ever did was to get AOLP certified and to have Jr get certified as well. Next up, Chad! Right now we bost being the only lighting company in Texas with two AOLP certified technicians on staff!
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    I will be working this year with the clvlt staff at conference in orlando and wanted to say welcome back to Sean Curran. he will be assissitng at this years clvlt testing as well as attending conference. Sean is one who poured his heart into creating the clvlt study guide and always at every testing session to help those of us freaking out :). Sean has a true passion for this industry, selfless attitude toward sharing knowledge, and experience that goes back 20, 30 plus years, probably doing lighting as a baby :).
    Sean, not sure if you'll see this but...glad you're able to asisst once more in moving our industry foward my friend.
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    Hey you guys,

    I know the time is late but it would be cool if someone could clarify some stuff.

    Is there a CLVLT self-study to do before the exam at AOLP? Or is it all covered at AOLP? (I think I know the answer to this but it isn't real clear.)

    Also what's the timeline at AOLP for the lecture material, if any, and the test, and how much does it cost? The AOLP website isn't clear about this; it seems not to have this information all in one place, or maybe I just didn't find it. I'd like to know, if it's not too late, what to do and how much it would cost to get a CLVLT certification.

    Some of us would consider going to AOLP just for the certification but we need information.

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    the cost is $450. the testing is the day of feb 8th. testing begins at 8am and goes most of day. once you sign up you will receive a study guide. that along with a conference call you can get on jan 18th at noon eastern and a 30 min question/answer session before test begins are the opportunities to study. doing this on phone so sorry for bad grammar and spelling. any other questionss can be answered by calling the office. # is on website. will try to answer more thoroughly when back at computer. more info is also available on the "programs" link on AOLP website
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    Does the $450 include registration for the conference? Also, what's the rate for rooms?

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    no, conference is $395 for members, $495 for non members. need to registerby jan 20th for that early bird price. Rooms are $199 per night. if you open "who's attending aolp conference" thread, the post, at the end, pwelty put a link to all this info and much more. if you have more questions, let us know. will you be signing up for clvlt or conference
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    I have taken (and proctored) this test in the last year and I can tell you, it' s extensive. I mean it really separates the men from the boys. It's not an easy certification process, but shouldn't be too difficult for someone already properly installing landscape lighting.

    But for me, I found it to be worth the price as I am now thinking more about how my systems are going to last and how I can provide more value to my clients. For me, that means more profit.

    Study guide is great with information that could easily save you hundreds or thousands a year for having fewer callbacks. Yes, there is some outdated info in there that you have to learn, (like old light bulbs) but could be useful if trying to find some arcane light bulb for a service call. There is a section on system repair with lots of useful info.

    Of course, you can always go to CLICK RESOURCES THEN Certification Verification- And contact any CLVLT and ask them questions as well. All our phone numbers are there.

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