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    update: there is another chapter working on getting off the ground in the Washington DC area. Contractor, designer, manu, distributor, post interest here or send us a pm and we can get you the info on who to contact. they are putting together their group of ten, forming board etc. If you have an interest, now is the time to get in on the ground floor of this chapter.

    Northern California Chapter: they are going to be holding their first CLVLT (certified low voltage lighting technician) test this summer. I believe they will have 6-15 taking the test. excellent way to set yourself apart and gain sound knowledge, attain a certification from a non-affiliated source. Will post when date is disclosed. You will need to be a member of the AOLP to take test and get the study guide. Allow time to study, not an easy test.
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    Is there any thoughts on holding COLD training outside of the conferences?
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    I am sure there have been thoughts. The COLD committee would be the place to go to for some initial comments on this subject. I will ask one of them to comment. I know one challenge would be having the teachers in place.
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    The COLD instruction cannot be offered outside of the conference because we intended it to be intense. Pratically, it would be very difficult to co-ordinate meetings anywhere other than the conference because the instructors and students are active professionals and in the field daily. Centralized, focused and intense at conference instruction includes 3 (8-hr.) sessions and the assignment of a yearly Personal Growth Project.

    Personal Growth Projects take many hours for the student to complete and present. The most important part of the the student's presentation is a one-on-one in-depth critique session with Janet L. Moyer and that must happen at the conference to make Ms Moyer's time commitment feasible.

    Our first and very successful certification, the CLVLT, (Certified Low-Voltage Lighting Technician) has a well-designed set of study guides available for home study. It's relatively easy to test competency in a single day of testing at the conference or other venues at different times. We are working with local chapters to make CLVLT testing available away from the conference.

    The Certified Outdoor Lighting Design program is geared for individual learning and study over time. The concepts and take-home projects are presented each year at the conference along with a series of lectures delivered by expert AOLP members for the COLD students. The participant receives the instruction, materials, assignments and yearly goals to work with over the next year. They then return to the next years AOLP conference with proof of their progress in their Personal Growth Projects presentations. This process will be repeated until the COLD Candidate has worked their way through a very tough series of Real World Projects with the guidance of some of the best Landscape Lighting Designers in the nation.

    As you can see, this program is meant to be time-intensive, it's designed to encourage the student to think deeply and to observe closely. It's structured much the same as a home study - Distant Learning - college curriculum is organized. Not everyone will want to invest 4 years to complete this intense training, but that's why it has value and credibility.

    We value most that which is difficult to achieve and the COLD certificate is darn tough to get. Just ask those who have competed the program. They will tell you about the value of the COLD 4 year, at conference and at-home process.

    My thanks to the COLD committee for contributing to the above statement.

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    Tom and the rest of the gang, thanks. I look forward to starting it.
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    I earned my clvlt several years ago, had an impact on our company by improving our installation techniques which I believe impacted our bottom line. As a recent graduate of COLD I can say that this class has been a journey in self analysis, personal growth, relationship building. over the last 4 years I have been forced to analyze the way I design, have developed as an outdoor lighting designer and have built great friendships with my classmates and the insturctors. The larger benifit is that the opportunity to learn will continue. The course pushed me, exposed areas where I needed to grow. I am thankful I stuck it out. It has been a positive impact on my career as an outdoor lighting designer.
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    Thanks for sharing your experiences Chris and thank you Tom for sharing too.
    That just made it very easy for me to proceed in signing up for the COLD class next year. I am very much looking forward to the large amount of information that will enter my cranium :)
    Sign me up !!


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