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Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by RLDesign, Feb 1, 2010.

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    Hello All,

    My opinion is that the to San Antonio for the AOLP conference was the best investment I have made for my lighting business in 7 years. In addition to the connections made, the information/training/speakers was the best I have been exposed to in my lighting career. I was very imipressed with many pieces of the conference, specifically learning tips from George Gruel. I started my COLD (Certified Outdoor Lighting Designer) certification. The presenters and sharing of tips/techniques was exactly what I expected. The annual meeting discussed many important issues, with the first and foremost being the growth of the AOLP as a group. I feel that the group is a solid group and I was proud to be a member. I would suggest that more contractors, manufacturers, distributors join this organization. It will only make the industry as a whole a better place to do business. The connections I made will last a lifetime. Everytime I had a conversation - I learned something so very valuable. On day one, I kept writing item after important item, until I was blown out of the water with Naomi Miller and the Caliper program. I am eager to see the testing of LED retrofit lamps in fixtures (not just bench tested in the lab). The relevant round table discussions and personal attention given by Jan and all others made this something I will remember for the rest of my life. I will attend in the future and I think the future will also include the starting of state/regional chapters (specifically to make it easier to participate and become certified). I am eager to hear what others have to say about conference.

    Best, Tanek Hood
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    Tanek next year I will have to make the trip with you. I have had the application on my desk for 2 years. Just a pain in the butt to fill out.
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    I think that I was looking too much at the short term when I decided not to go. I now regret it. I plan on being there next year plus I think Arizona in January would be nice.
  4. RLDesign

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    Fill out the application. I became a member a few years ago, but waited to attend conference/meeting this year. Although difficult to coordinate the travel, this year was worth it for me.

    Talk soon. Tanek
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    2 years is a long time. I think they have made it possible to fill out and pay for online.
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    I am going to make an effort as a member to get 100 contractors at next years event. I have been a member for many years and have volunteered many hours. It seems this year that the cart, so to speak, is at or nearing the top of the hill. this organaztion is helped by volunteers but the group that helps us take care of all the "day in, Day out" very important things is starting to sync with the members freeing those up who want to improve and grow the organazation to do just that. It's starting to feel exciting and fun. timing is perfect in this economy when you need tools to make your company different. One other point. You no longer have to wait for next years conference to get involved. Join now, get your packet of info. get linked into the other members, find out who's in your state. Contact them, get to know them. talk to the home office about what you need to do to start a chapter. If that sounds like too much there are many comittees to serve on that would you give you a flavor of the organazation but most importantly, help you make the first step towards getting involved today and be well engaged by next years conference. lots of bad sentence structure but hopefully my points get across. This is something you can do today that can positively impact your business this year.....if you use the information and get involved
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    Tanek, it was very nice meeting you and I am very glad that you had a wonderful experience at this year's conference. I feel that the association has made huge strides in the right direction over the past year and it's really starting to show.

    The board and management company are working hard to make the AOLP a strong and valuable association for our members. I feel like this year will bring more benefits for our members as well. We actually met with an insurance provider while we were in San Antonio to see if we can get a group rate policy for our members.

    We strongly encourage everyone who works with landscape lighting to become a member of the AOLP which will build a strong foundation for our industry. We would like to be a strong advocate for our members in state and/or local governments as well but we need a lot more members to be able to do that. We are starting to establish state chapters in California and Texas so if anyone is in either of those states, please let me know and we'll get you the information on your local chapter.

    Once again Tanek, thank you and we are here to help you in any way we can.
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    Paul and Chris,

    Likewise, this year was a better year for the AOLP in all areas. Both you and Chris, Mark C., Matthew, Pam, Nels, Keith, Andy, Jan, Naomi, Tom, and list goes on - all helped me grow my business with a simple conversation. I like to say that the economy dropping has made many of us realize the strength in members and industry friends. I think Jan's presence and positive input (free contribution of her time) reassures me that this organization has the potential to legitimize our profession as designers. I personally feel that it should not be an association for everyone, but like IES there should be someone checking that you have solid business and design practice before admittance... or it may hurt some contractors by allowing the trunk slammers.

    Many spoke on growing the organization, which I feel is the most important piece, but I still feel selective growth is better than growth in general. Just my opinion as I can think of few contractors in my area that are having negative impacts on our trade by using poor product, design, and ethics.

    Here are the pics from this year, located on

    Please purchase She Paints with Light Volume2, which has already influenced my designs and future work. For the snapfish gallery, I did not provide Georges detailed masking and post production, but I will work on a select few images to see what I garnered. His time and training were so valuable to myself.

    Talk soon. Tanek AOLP IES IDA





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    Unbelievable pictures.....the cave tour looked awesome, sorry I had to miss it. Thanks for posting all these, they were greeat. We have to make sure the office gets a link to this. I will send over to them.
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    Could you access the snapfish gallery?

    Best regards,


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