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Discussion in 'Water Features' started by AOLP, Dec 23, 2011.

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    It's getting close to that time of year for the Asociation of Outdoor Lighting Professionals (AOLP) conference. It will be held in Lake Buena Vista FL (Disneyland), Feb 9th-11th. Go to the website and click on the brochure to get all the specifics. Whether you're a member or not it's a great opportunity to see manufactures product, talk to them face to face and visit with other professionals. Outdoor lighting continues to grow. Make plans to be apart of this conference and get a jump on the new year
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    Sounds great, but shouldn't this be posted on the Lighting Forum?
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    It has been posted on the lighting forum. So have other functions going on at the conference such as the c.l.v.t. and c.o.l.d. certifications. Wanted to put a short post on this forum for those who might not yet be doing lighting in their water features but would like to and for those who install some lighting but don't quite think of it as a real potential revenue stream for their company. Then there are those that might do lighting installations and are wanted to move to higher levels of design and installation. The conference is a tool that can be helpful to that end.

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