AOLP expo 2013, Atlanta GA

Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by AOLP, Feb 5, 2013.

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    Looking forward to seeing all the new technology available on the market this year at conference. Also looking forward to seeing those companies products that often debut product at the AOLP conference that may not yet be available on the market. Wanted to let you all know we have another strong group this year. Below is a list of those participating at the expo so far. thank you to all of the companies for investing their time and money in offering some of the best products available. you are appreciated.

    Alliance Outdoor Lighting

    B&B Manufacturing LLC, dba Green Outdoor Lighting

    Cast Lighting, LLC


    Fusa Corp./Dauer Manufacturing

    FX Luminaire

    HK Lighting Group

    Illumicare Group Ltd.

    Jaso Enterprises

    Kichler Landscape Lighting

    King Innovation

    Paige Electric Co., L.P.

    Universal Lighting Systems

    will keep you all posted as more are added. If you want to attend, go to to register. conference is a little more than a week away
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    What time is the lamp experminent session on Wednesday?
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    2-5pm. That's time well spent, being able to see the many different manus lamps and test beam spread, color temp etc. Especially with l.e.d. Amazing to see one companies 3000k against another's 3000k for example
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  4. Classic Lighting

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    Wow, a great first day. Comparing lamps and LED's from many different manufacturers. The differences are visually apparent when comparing beam spread, temperatures, and effects.
    Looking forward to a busy day tomorrow, meeting pro's from all over the country, and talking business tactics.
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    I hope that one or two unbiased attendees will let us know about the results of these LED demos.
  6. steveparrott

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    Had a great week with AOLP - lots of valuable discussions on technology, business and artistry. Very inspiring!
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    Steve, It was great to finally meet the man behind the myth...I am glad to hear that you enjoyed the tells me that we are on the right track if we can impress someone with your expertise. I look forward to your future involvement with the AOLP and a long and fruitful collaboration between our organizations.

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