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    As many of you know, the AOLP annual conference is next week in Atlanta GA, ( go to for info on registering) every year we are so fortunate to have a number of our members step up in major ways to help make the conference beneficial to us contractors. This year, we are thankful to have FX Luminaire sponsoring an event called "Evening under the stars". If you haven't booked your trip, please consider. this can be an invaluable tool in your tool belt to help set your company apart from the rest and increase your client list. This will be held Feb 15th

    Friday evening will offer AOLP conference attendees the ability to experience An Evening Under the Stars, thanks to sponsor FX Luminaire! During last year’s conference, we discussed the concept of An Evening Under the Stars and how it can be utilized by the lighting professional as part of their marketing strategy, as well as a sales tool. This year, we will build on that discussion by hosting our own Evening Under the Stars (EUS) to provide all attendees a stronger sense of just how this event should look and feel. This mock EUS will require some role-playing, as we will act as the lighting designer selling our expertise and talents, while you, the attendee, will play the part of the potential customer.

    Don’t miss this interactive event, as it should prove to be fun and enlightening!

    Hors d’oeuvres and drinks provided

    prepare to PUMP up your sales :weightlifter:
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    Big thanks to the guys from FX...great evening under the stars!!! This marketing technique is simply the best way to entertain while prospecting for business. Very effective way to create an environment that is exciting yet with very little "sales" pressure. The new FX system with its zoning and dimming capability really plays well as a "demo" of what is possible and lets potential customers determine what they like and do not they end up selling themselves. Brilliant...Thanks for your efforts and support.

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