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Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by elegance_alex, Oct 26, 2010.

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    We've all been working hard all summer to design and create the most beautiful lighting designs possible... now's your chance to be recognized for it! The AOLP has an awesome program - The Design Awards - and any member of the AOLP can enter. This year there's the SUPER bonus - the winners may be published in a prominent landscape magazine! The deadline is approaching....

    Have a look at the entry packet at the AOLP website
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    This program is well worth your involvement. a couple of years ago I was fortunate enough to be recognized by the membership for a sculpture I had done a lighting design/installation for at our local hostpital. Today that award hangs in the hospital with their other national awards for service etc. That has generated much buzz and some work for our company. Don't forget, you need to be a member to enter.
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    I also have had great response to an AOLP lighting award I won for a commercial project a couple of years ago. I will definately be entering a few things in this year's awards!!
  4. Prolightscaper

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    Are there different categories for LED and halogen?

    Who does the judging?
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    There are three types of awards in the 2011 AOLP Lighting Design Awards.

    1) Lighting Awards of Merit (online voting by all AOLP membership - "blind entry" - entrant is not identified until winners are announced)
    2) The Industry Achievement Award (Selected by the Awards Committee) and
    3) The Janet Lennox Moyer Award (Selected by Jan Moyer, based on her written criteria)

    Within the Awards of Merit, there are 5 categories:

    Residential: Lighting designs created and installed on residential property for a
    residential client

    Commercial: Lighting designs created and installed on commercial property for a
    commercial client

    Water Features/Statuary: Lighting designed to enhance a water feature or statuary
    subject, either residential or commercial

    Outdoor Living: Lighting designed for the purpose of enhancing an outdoor living
    space, either residential or commercial

    Rookie: Lighting design in any category submitted by a designer who has three years
    or less experience in design and installation

    Best of Show: In addition to the categories, the membership will vote for ONE entry
    to be recognized as the best of all entries, and may be selected from any category.

    Chair - AOLP Design Awards Committee
  6. AOLP

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    there are no different categories for LED/ halogen...line or low voltage. There's more involved than entering a picture. Will try to put some of that info here but could also be seen on the website.
  7. elegance_alex

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  8. niteliters

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    you have until 11/15/10 to get your entries in. ALL materials need to be in office by then so probably mailed by the 11th to be safe. If you're not a member and want to be call today!!! Best of luck to all those entering
  9. elegance_alex

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    To clarify - there is a "no publication" clause. In order to protect the anonymity of the entries - so judging is fair and unbiased - we ask that you please pull down any publication of the photos you are entering. This includes taking photos of your entry down from your own website, anything on Facebook, any forums (including LawnSite), etc.. This is just during the term of the voting. Winners will be announced at the AOLP Conference Feb 1-5 in Scottsdale, AZ. There is a lovely Awards dinner and plaques are awarded with ceremony. Thank you for your entries!
  10. elegance_alex

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    You CAN send your new membership or renewal together with your entry! It all goes to the same address - just make sure you enclose your membership application!

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