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    If you’ve considered joining, now is a great time! Membership is on the rise because the true professional, who is as passionate about our craft as all of our members are, knows where to connect with the best and the brightest of the industry.

    Learn lighting design through our COLD (Certified Outdoor Lighting Designer) design certification program from the industry leaders. Learn system layout, installation and maintenance through our CLVLT (Certified Low Voltage Lighting Technician) again, from industry leaders with the broadest range of knowledge and deepest commitment to keep AOLP standards at the leading edge.

    The best manufacturers know who to market their best and newest products to first. Annual conference Expo brings the unveiling of the newest products and technologies, as well as the upgrades and changes to products we’ve used and trusted throughout the years.

    Visit the AOLP web site to see the changes in membership levels we’ve implemented in our ongoing efforts to make membership attainable to people engaged at all levels of our industry.

    We strongly urge any and all students enrolled in any higher education program related to the landscape industry or lighting industry to consider a student membership. The price is great and the benefits are tremendous.

    Conference is just around the corner and awards submission received an extension. That will add to the collection of awesome work our members submit and more to view and judge! All the buzz is positive and fun for the upcoming events. If you’re considering conference, please come and join us. This is where all the energy starts. I promise that after conference when you return home and to your businesses, you will have fresh new perspectives, creative ideas, new found business and personal relationships, and all the energy that comes from gathering with the people who are the most passionate about what we do.

    Give us a call and we’ll answer all of your questions. See you all in Scottsdale!
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    I will say, the year after my my first visit to conference our business experienced a 40% growth, I believe. Much had to do with my experience at conference. One big help.....Got us out of a rut I didn't know we were in.

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