Apartment bid (rough ideas welcome)

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by IMAGE, Feb 27, 2008.

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    What would you charge per cut for this? I think I got all the questions answered here, but if you need more detail just ask. Thanks :)

    8 Apartment buildings, side by side in a row.
    2.5 acres total turf/ irrigated and fertilized (think thick grass all the time).
    parking strips between every other building.
    sidewalks along street front and between buildings.
    multiple small islands in parking lots.

    mowed, trimmer, blown, and bagged.
    Per cut price. (weekly)
  2. IMAGE

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  3. jaybow

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    How many guys will be working on it?And how long do you estimate it to take you?I really have never done any commercial work yet but my guess is about $200 a cut.I think its about $45-$50 an acre here.
  4. Carolina Cuts

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    was leaning towards $180-$200/cut. (2) Guys if ya hustle... 2.5-3 hr cut, complete.

    I have one similiar, more cutting, less edging though. Tree covered, so blowing the parking lot is key every week. And time consuming.
  5. topsites

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    What ate me alive couple of years ago was all of the extra logistics.

    First the transport, it seemed I spent as much time walking as I did working... They're just so spread out, those little islands of grass would take 5-10-15 minutes to cut (eh each) but always the curbs, then to get from one to the next. Mind you by the time I was done cutting my truck seemed like it was a mile away, so walk, walk, walk again. There's a lot of trimming and yes the parking lot, I really think you need a push blower for that and even then it takes a bite out of time.

    It used to take me 4 hours every single time, to take care of what must've been a lousy acre or two of actual turf, just like in that picture most of it was blacktop and buildings... Nothing doing, don't forget weed control and cig butts, 4 hours man.

    Then, the association... I can not recommend anyone tackle a group of folks as a solo / owner-operator, you really need a secretary to handle the bunch. For the most part they're all right, but you will more than likely have a few who got too much time on their hands, best I can explain it, and so you need someone who doesn't mind kissing up their oh-so-sore wittle tails.

    In the end I also think you need a bunch of guys, 3 maybe 4, you can just send a truck and trailer with this small crew out there, you stick around the office and do what you do. Then it's no problem, one guy mows, the second one trims, the last guy blows, now you're out of there lickety split maybe an hour, two at the most... Still likely looking at 3-4 maybe 6-8 hours labor.

    It's funny how an owner can not tackle some mess like that as fast as a crew of employees, considering I can knock out the residential lot as fast as most crews of 2-3, but it does get to a point more is better... More so with a diverse workload of this never-ending knick knack.

    I think that's what commercial lots are made for, larger Lco's with crews, for them it's just a way to keep the guys busy.

    Don't know what to tell you as far as the bid, I failed mine, as in I got it and then it busted my tail. But I think if you have the crew(s) then you might can bid around what their average has been of years past... You might try and see if you can ask them what they have been paying, not sure if you want to do that but it's an idea.
  6. IMAGE

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    2 guys, me and and one employee. I think it will take 2 hours, so 4 man hours. I actually had given it a price of $200 too.

    since everything is bagged, there will not be a whole lot of mess to blow, just from edgeing and trimming. Not many trees around here either... so parking areas are not too time consuming.

    I am working through a property management company on this, not the HOA. I dont see much of a problem with people slowing me down much, remember this is North Dakota Nice :)

    I see it as two groups of 4, the bottom group and the top group. I would only move the truck once, first do the top group, then move the truck and do the bottom group. Heck these are all on one city block, its not like you can get too far away.

    Thanks for the replies guys, I was hoping my bid was about ballpark, just wanted to check.I am bidding it at $25 each because they are only 12,500 sq feet each. Also this is just one group outta 6 I am trying to get. If I can get all 36 properties it is just over $1000, and the whole group could be knocked out in a long day.
  7. lawnpro724

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    It is an apartment complex though. Remember lazy parents, kids and so on, trash, toys and god only knows what else will be in and around that lawn. When you bid this make sure the manager or whomever signs the contract understands there will be additional charges if you have to pick up the area before mowing. Make sure that is in your contract and make sure you take the time to point it out to the person who signs it.
  8. IMAGE

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    Lawnpro- actually its town homes, sorry I called it apartments earlier. Yes one of the requirements is to pick up trash also, but this is a nice place, trash will be very unlikey. Fargo, is a very clean town actually, we dont have alot of the problems that other places do when it comes to trash, crime, or illegals. We still have some of each, but very little. Fargo people, and midwest in general I think, are pretty responsible when it comes to litter, and just the general cleanliness of thier place. Also, since it is all bagged, any little stuff can just be sucked up.
  9. ffemt1271

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    i cut some apt's that were about the same size i charged $240 for one and $250 for the other, there is definitely a lot of edging on these though. one plus is you will be able to park in the dead middle of the complex making one area just as close as the other and not having to walk all the way to the other end for something.i was mulching so i would probably charge a little more for bagging.
  10. IMAGE

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    I just looked over the bid request today and noticed that edging is not mentioned. bonus :)

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