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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by J & M Lawn Care, Sep 26, 2007.

  1. J & M Lawn Care

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    I have never put in a bid for a big place like this. I was going to see how to price it, not sure on the acres. I know they want mowing, edging, weedeating, and blowing the parking lot. I have a exmark 60' triton and a 42' walker with a bagger, and weedeater, edger, and blower. Any advise that is helpful. Any Questions i will try to answer them the best i can, i just know its up for bid

    What would u think it would be with 2 people and proably 2 mowers going at the same time just by looking at it

    apartment complex.jpg
  2. ExecutiveLawns

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    Maybe 4 guys, 1 trimming, 2 on lazers, and one on a wb
  3. ed2hess

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    That is interesting I seldon see anybody run more than one mower on commericial property.....usually have 4 trimmers and one mow. The reason we run mulch plates on is so if the mow guy isn't done when blowing starts he don't mess anything up.....the idea is to have everybody finish at same time.
  4. HS Football Rules

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    Looks pretty flat and wide open..I'd leave the walker on the trailer.

    Haul Azz with your Lazer...if your done before your trimmer/edger
    fall in behind him with a blower.
  5. jcthorne

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    Looks fairly small to me. How many acres of turf? Is it a lower income housing unit? The grass looks browner than the farmers field behind it.

    I wouldn't even count the Walker. It's a great mower for a residential yard or bank type setting, but it's not an effecient way to mow an apartment complex.
  6. topsites

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    I'm torn between saying nothing, and letting natural selection take its most likely course... And saying something, figuring the chance of an open mind are slim. The choice being, the outcome is similar from my perspective, either way it would likely fall between amusing and mildly frustrating, either way has its strange rewards as well ...

    Wrong advice, however, such as the kind that I know is likely to burn you I rarely ever do, more so because it comes back on me later, humorous as I might find it now.

    So my advice is stick to residential until you got at least 5 years under your belt.
  7. jcthorne

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    I 100% disagree with the last sentence.

    He's asking for advice because he got the initiative to go out and take a chance on a property where he's probably getting in over his head with 9 months of experience. If this site was used more as a tool for learning than a site where people ask questions like "which blower is the best" we would all benefit more.

    The stick with small job mentality should be limited to the people who do this on the side and want beer money. If you plan on doing this full time for a living why not think big. Sure you're going to make mistakes, but that's the way you learn and you're sure as heck not going to get anywhere in life with the "i'm to small or inexperienced to handle this syndrome".

    Every large LCO started somewhere and I can guarantee they made mistakes along the way. What seperates the multi million dollar guys from the wanna-be's is their ability to overcome adversity and to manage risk.

    Will he get this job? Probably not.....but you can bet he's going to learn something about it in the bidding process and he'll be able to apply what he learned on the next job and so on.
  8. HS Football Rules

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    I can't see it taking more than 4 hrs TOPS with 2 guys and the details you gave us. I can't tell if the driveways are curbed or not,, if not, then you're in and out even quicker. Not many sidewalks or buildings to trim/edge. If you're licensed, "Liqui-trim" the fence line, and you cut your time even more.

    If you use the dollar a minute rule, like some do, that's $480 per cut. That sounds high to me for what looks to be a low-income property.

    Remember, "experience is the only true teacher", "nothing ventured nothing gained".

    Good luck
  9. ShrubandTurf

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    I would bid it with a three man crew . I figure about 2.5- 3 hours with a cost of around $525.00 per cut . If you can use a chemical edge around fence area at about 3 in . Becareful though not to damage the fence when you are mowing it will kill your profit .

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