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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by orinicklawncare, Jan 3, 2014.

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    I have been contacted by a newer complex roughly 13 buildings for a seasonal mowing bid, mulching, and snow bid. I have several commercial accounts but this is the first apartment. I will post some pictures when I get home. I am finding myself questioning what I have in mind for the price. Any help would be appreciated, and No I am not in over my head, I have the equipment and man power to handle this.
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    The way I some time look @ bigger jobs with multiple buildings is break them down and price them separate and then add up at the end... If there is extra blowing or edging compensate on the bldg. that needs it and go from there... JMTC...
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    So what came of this?
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    Here is the picture of the property. Any input is appreciated.

  5. First question, do you have to service the swale??
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    No the car ports are the perimeter on the back side. There is a 2 swath area along the whole perimeter.
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    Not really having any specifics I'd guess 100k for the year.
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  8. Do they have any start time or work day restrictions
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    No, they do not have any restrictions. The guy before did it in 1 day with 4 guys. He had a wb, Steiner and 2 guys weed eating. I have 3 guys, and have 2 52" and 1 48" zero turns, 48wb and 36 wb. I have tried to figure out a way to use my 12' wam but I don't think it will fit.
  10. You have to take into consideration,Apt complexes are a lot different than strip centers,I am saying that because you stated this is your first Apt complex there are a lot of obstacles that will arise doing this type of property.Your staff will have to deal with the residents ,and also the property's staff. So make sure you put them on there toes on what to say and what not to say, Also my crew chiefs and supervisors wear different uniforms then the lawn techs and the property managers are made aware of that,so they direct there concerns to the right person/s.Also when you walk the property have your staging/ parking area for your equipment as a designated area that you don't interfere with the residents this cuts down on complaints and also shows the property managers that you are a experienced professional company,ok with that said for just the cutting, edging and blowing I would figure 40.00 a hour for three techs so 120x9 hrs=1,080.00 plus one crew CHEIF @50x9= 450.00 + 1080 = 1,530.00 a cut x the number of cuts a year as far as the mulching the charge would be 170.00 a hour labor. If they buy the material, and have it delivered .If you supply it I double my cost for it that pays for the storage, unloading and reloading and delivery.All other services I would bill at the hourly rate.One more thing just bid the property for one year,Good luck with it I hope I helped you a little.

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