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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by swood, Mar 10, 2001.

  1. swood

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    Hey guys, I need a little help with this one. I'm bidding on a 5.5 acre Apt. Complex. I'll be mowing,edging,aerating,fertilizing,weednfeed,and hedging about 50 redtips and blowing off the streets. There are 11 units occupying 8 families per unit. In the fall i'll be bagging leaves (alot) they have about 70 trees in all. I've bid on the small stuff but nothing this big, so i'll appreciate some help. I'll be cutting with (1) 52" lazer Z and (1) 60" Lazer Z. Thanks Guys.
  2. CCLC

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    We have an apartment complex almost identical to that one other than there is 7.9 acres. We figure the edging right in with the mowing price. We edge part of the complex every week. It is also irregated so we mow it every 4-5 days. For mowing we are in the $400. Just figure your time and materials on everything else. We always charge by the hour on everything but mowing/edging. We made an exception to the for the fall clean up and gave them a "ball park" price. Both crews spent 2 days there with 2 Little Wonder blowers, 3 back pack blowers, leaf loader vacuum and lots of rakes. It was quite a bit of fun (collecting the check that is). Don't bag the leaves unless you have to. Put gator blades on for your last 3 or 4 mowings and shred them. It will reduce the clean up headache.

    Hope that helps

    Good Luck
  3. kutnkru

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    I would figure $28/acre if it flat open areas with out many obstacles. ($168)
    I would figure up to $55/acre if there are numerous ornamental beds/turns/obstacles/hilly/etc. ($330)
    $.50/100lf or $30/6000lf for turf
    $.75/100lf or $45/6000lf for edgers
    $1/100lf or $60/6000lf for fencing and such
    1/3 the cost of trimming services.
    ( = Mowing Proposal)

    As far as bidding the redtips, I would bid them up to 32 man hours depending on the size and conditions.

    Good Luck this season!
  4. joshua

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    i cut a property that about a 2acre and charge $75 because of a lot of trimming, so i would have to say around $350 to $425 because of all the trees and houses, it has to be a big drive too. also, alot of leaves in the fall, and ost likely you will have to bag in the spring , unless they don't mind that you come back every 4 days. just cutting and trimming. no edging and everything else.
  5. kutnkru

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    fert appl w/ tow-behind spreader:$800
    fert appl w/ broadcast spreader:$850

    Good Luck this season!
  6. awm

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    That sounds like a lot of children.If so they will present problems in cleanup,you cant mow over napkins etc.
    Also added risk of injury.So if thats case hope you bring it up when discussing work expectations and price.
  7. DanG

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    I'm just venting,

    Speaking of complexes,

    Have any of you guy's had people calling you up to come look at their lawn care needs for the summer yet?

    I've had one place call me three times to look at their place.

    Don't they understand that you can't give them a fair estimate when there's 2' of snow on the ground !!!!

    I'm not going to lose my shirt on it or take their word for whats under it.

    I tell them I'll get back to them when the snow melts but they're gung ho to have it done right now....

    It's a senior citizen complex that a friend of my wife's manages.

    It might be a good job If I can ever get there to see it.


    D.G. Enterprises
  8. kutnkru

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    Heres one for ya. We had contacted several properties and were scheduled to take measurements for estimates when the snow storm hit, setting us back obviously.

    I thought for sure that because they could look out the window and see close to two feet on the ground that they would have understood why I wasnt there to bid the property.

    We did in fact receive several calls wondering why a represenatative from our outfit had not been by to take the necessary measurements to complete the bid specs.

    I just gave my brother a look like a duck watching lightning as I listened to their messages.

    Who would have thought??? -LOL
  9. LScom Addict

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    We would charge $192 for mowing and $585 for fertilization. We charge $60 per hour for hedge trimming.
  10. 1st impressions

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    Last fall I bid on a large townhouse property that is close to the your size. My recommendation would be to get
    a measuring wheel and start walking. Try and figure out how long it will take to cut for each mower you have because there might be areas where you need to use a 36" instead of a rider. Breakdown the mowing areas and charge your hourly rate. Look at all the bushes and figure amount of time to trim each one. measure the mulch beds, sidewalks, etc.

    The complex had 4.5 acres to cut plus a lot of bushes, fertilization, bed weeding, spring/fall cleanup and small
    tree trimming.

    My bid was $16,000 for the year. Property manager said I should have been 10-15% higher. Hope these numbers help.

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