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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by LB1234, Mar 1, 2011.

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    Here's the scenario...

    I apply pesticides to both turf and ornamentals at a 55 and older retirement community in a city about two blocks from a busy train station. So in addition to the residents I'm dealing with a bunch of foot traffic on the sidewalks as well. A lot of these residents have pets that the walk across the lawn. I'm trying to figure out the best way to notify these residents that I will be applying pesticides to and to what areas. I'm curious how others approach this? In the past I just provided the management company when the applications would take place and in the begining of the year had them sign the consumer information notice.

    I'm not sure this fulfills my obligations and I would like to take it one step further. Do you think it wise to print out pre-made flyers for the maintenance staff to post to the entrances/exits of the building? If so, what should I place on there...how specific or non specific should I be? Should I place the cautionary statements found on the labels of what I am applying? I also noticed another company in a residential community with "common grounds" would place a a few signs in the lawn indicated when a pesticide treatment to take place...I just thought this was very professional, not to mention a good advertisement. Any thoughts or comments on how to handle this would be appreciated. I'm curious as to the negatives of this line of thinking as well. thx again:waving:
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    We usually post on the mailboxes (if allowed) or if they are multi unit buildings post on the front door.

    We do it simply, company name, what we are applying, where and when with rain dates.

    No phone number, let them call the board or Mgmt co first with questions.

    as far as the train station, your posting flags will be enough to notify the foot traffic.....

    There will be someone that asks, "if I cant go on the lawn, where do I walk the dog?" in these cases we tell them across the street or if it is a complex with a lot of dogs, we will leave "dog walk" areas that will be treated on a different day, this also depends on the size of the property, if it is large a go back is easy, if it is an acre or 2 we stick with take them across the street.
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    its only 32k sqft of turf and then a bunch of beds...i'm not worried about the beds...really only thing that goes on there is pre emergent or round up and then usually only with a backpack sprayer for spot treatment or a little hand broadcaster for the pre-emer.

    I was thinking the same thing about posting the sign...I'd get to many inquiries. I love the idea of a dog walking zone. I can have that in my pocket as a solution if something ever comes up. I've been doing the place for about 4-5 years now I'm just trying to be a little more conscious of what I'm applying and when to the residents.
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    I wouldn't make more work out of it than it justifies. Just notify the on site property manager when you are going to do the apps, and then it is in his/her hands to notify residents. You have a biz to run and to flyer every 'grandma Jones' door with what you are doing is beyond the scope of your work. Work with the head man at the facility and then wash your hands of it.
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    LOL, I would never think about putting flyers on every door. its an 8 or 9 story building with three wings with 20 or so apartments on each wing. However, I've thought about placing them on the 4 or 5 entrances or exits to the building..something along the lines of "Pesticide Applications Scheduled for X/XX & X/XX. Please keep off grass. See building manager for details"
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    I just picked this account and was wondering the same thing.

    Turtle Creek.jpg
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    This is a little tricky. The more people that know, the greater is the risk for complaints or lawsuits, allergies, asthema reactions and so forth. Comply with the law; cooperate with the building Mgt. If its working so far--don't change. Try to stay with low toxicity stuff. Say triclopyr, Quicksilver or Octane. White Dimension is better than yellow Pendi or prodiamine, in the public's mind.
    I am sure the Management does not want a lot of calls and excitment. If you can, do the job real early in the morning so everything is finished and dry before breakfast. Or, late in day so it has overnight to dry and irrigation at 5 am washes everything off grass.
  8. DA Quality Lawn & YS

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    I think Riggle is right on. Don't open up a can of worms with TMI.
  9. greendoctor

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    Unless it is required by state law, do not go out of your way to notify. Other than the persons who granted you the contract and are signing your check, everyone else is on a need to know basis. I agree with Riggle. Other bit of advice is please do not use blue dye. Broadcast the whole lawn when most people are not going to be around.
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    I'm curious why? I don't think I've ever used my boom sprayer on this account. Most weed control is performed with backpack sprayer and I often place dye to help identify where I sprayed. lots and lots of sidewalks that break up sections of turf, not to mention the gigantic building in the middle of the lot. its surrounded by three city blocks and a walking path on the one side...which I steer clear of.

    FYI, only pesticides I use/have used in the past are produece, scythe, prosecutor, dimension, merit/mach2, 3-way, 3-way ester, dismiss, and acclaim. Again, I only use the control products when needed except for grub control and pre-emergent crabgrass control. everything else is straight fert. very healthy lawn given the location.

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