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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Patrick.B, Apr 30, 2005.

  1. Patrick.B

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    Well.....i knew this apartment taken bid..so i went there and look at it and it very big apartment complex...i would guess around 10 to 15 acres plus trim around the trees which not many tree Plus edger all the sidewalk ,,,i know it would take me all day to do this job ....Lady said the last guy was charging $450.00 every time he go ! and she said they will take bid on $450 and under ...and three time a month .,If i take this job i might hire me a part time guy to trim & edg ..Think this be worth it ? Thanks
  2. pjslawncare/landscap

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    First of all, I hate appartments as u would notice in past posts. I run from them real quickly because they are the worst of all PITA's. I dont know what your market area sustains, but $450 for a full days work (2 workers) isnt a lot for my area and they state that they want it only every 10 days gives me a red flag. Plus they want someone to do it for same or less than the price they said they payed last year (if there even telling the truth) sends up another red flag. I dont let the customer dictate my price. If u know what it costs to run your biz, and what u have to charge to make a profit, then charge accordingly to that number, not what a customer wants to pay. Be prepaired for the manager to ask u to cut it lower and make it look good each ten day visit so they can get by with less mowing at your exspence. I wont cut it any less than one third of the legnth
  3. Davis Lawn Mowing LLC

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    Is it 10 acres or 15? Makes a difference on the price. I hate aparentment complexes, will never do them. Too many rugrats and crap lying around for my tastes. And the never ending bitching about being there too early, I work nights sleep during the day, you know, the regular bs stories.
  4. DND Outdoor

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    Working nights and sleeping days is BS?
  5. kipcom

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    PJ..... and others....we have an Apt complex we do and it has 50 acres of turf to cut. The trimming is only about 10% & 90% of the turf is wide open with very very few obstacles. 2 ZTR mowers on the ground & 2 ground crew and its done in 1 day. SO the point from me is that it seems to be a fair price but then again I would have to C it 1st to be sure. Net profit from ours is 350 per week.

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