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Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by EFS, Dec 12, 2010.

  1. EFS

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    This was my first year in business on my own. I really have had trouble getting any feedback on bids to apartments/Condos. Any hints or tips? Do you do per mow, an overall season price, or a monthly price?

  2. xclusive

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    Try posting this in the commercial landscaping section
  3. DollarSign

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    If you post a question like this in the pictures section you deserve to not get this information.
  4. EFS

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    Sorry, first time on the site, I am not as perfect as you must be.
  5. EFS

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    Thanks for the heads up Xclusive. I am still learning the site.
  6. ponyboy

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    i do seasonal ask what their bid includes now, they usually go to lowest price so make sure you compare apples to apples on bids. You can always ask what was winng bid and try again next year
  7. Big C

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    If this your first year in the biz, I would maybe start out with residentials for a few years then upgrade to small commercial before I would consider apartment complexes, learn the bidding process and the business side of things before jumping in over your head....JMO
  8. newjerseylandscaping

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    ^^^ sounds like what im planing on doing, but i do have connections to commercial so its not imposible.
  9. HPSInc

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    Go talk to the property manager! See what places they have up for bid for the upcoming year. See if they will send you the Proposal which should state everything they want done and be very specific. It will have contract dates as well. For example; the whole year including snow removal or seperate (mowing and cleanups...then snow plowing as they may go with a different company) they pay the same monthly. Payment usually once per month. Could be different depending. Also extras such as soil repair, mulch or any other things they would possibly have you do (gutter repair, siding, mailbox, light bulbs etc.) would be paid extras to you and not done until approved first.

    I have not been on this site long but it seems so many people tell others they are not ready for commercial. As long as the place is not too overwhelming for 1 person or whatever crew you run there is no reason to not go after the steady cash. Ive seen more huge companys do the sloppiest work on small commercial accounts because the general managers dont give a rats @$$ about the places and want their men on to bigger and better money. I say if you can handle the account and will do a good job go for it! I am just starting out and I will be going after a few nice small Condo complexes that have been done by other companies and their quality of work is simply pathetic. Ive done walk around and seen huge piles of shrub clippings and mulch raked up into piles LEFT in beds like they just forgot to pick it up, and huge areas left un mowed, garbage never picked up, tons of stuff ignored its just sad and they are ripping these people off as the pay is pretty good!
  10. Big C

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    I am not saying to not go after commercials....I am saying don't get in over your head too soon...just like in every other profession people can spot a rookie from a mile away and some customers will take advantage of you...my belief is as a beginner you must slowly gain experience and work your way up to bigger jobs, this will minimize mistakes the eventually will cost you $$$$....a lot of guys get overwhelmed because they want too much too soon and find themselves in a bind very fast.

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