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Troy, Michigan
I know a lot of you guys out there are big into the apartment and condo complexes. I currently maintenance commercial properties, but want to get into them. I have been working on a letter to send out, in which shows that I am interested in putting a bid in and that also sells myself to them. Everything that I have come up with is either too blunt and or is not selling myself enough. If anyone would be kind enough to help me out with a few examples, it would be greatly appreciated.

David Parks

PS I want to personally thank each and every one of you guys for making this “lawnsite.com” what it is today. It is truly great! It has really helped me out, with growing my business. I am doing very well for myself now. An 18-year-old out of High School, and running 150 accounts and attending college full-time. All the credit and glory goes to you guys!!! THANKS!!!


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Sorry Parks, but the credit goes to YOU!!!!We help answer your ?? but you are the man that keeps it going.
NOW with that said...you want apartments??? they can be trouble!!!kids playing while you are using high powered equip. beautiful cars waiting for rocks and debri..thank hard about this type work, you can prob. do as good or better staying with res. it's your desion just weigh all the pros and cons. And GOOD LUCK!!


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I agree with Dennis I have one apt complex that i cut. Im solo and it has around 3 acres of property that i do, and there are always kids, people out, nice trucks and cars, ect ect, With the trimming and all im there half a day. One of the only reason i cut this is i do three of the owners other propertys. So far ive been lucky and have not hit any cars or kids, but i would think this over. I do make a good profit on the job around 72 dollars per hr. Just my 2cents worth. Marks Mowing Service