Apartments! What a slap in the face!


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Athens, Alabama
Bid and got a few apartments all owned by the same company. The kicker is dealing with Resident managers. First of all if the actually like the crew from last year I'm already blackballed, and that happened today. I did'nt realize the manager was in the office because there was no car out front. Pulled up dropped gate and kicked a$$. Of course it was the first cut of the season so anyone in this business knows I was just mowing down the onions,weeds, etc. After leaving I get a call of all the items that was not complete Yada, Yada, With a voice that sounded worse than a 75 camaro door creak. She said the crew last year would have done this done that, my owner runs a tight ship Blah, Blah, creeeak. But she said the grass did not even look freshly cut. Bermuda with green fescue and purple top weeds in March is not going to look freshly cut with lines in it. Any way I'm billing and letting them know that I must be incompetent of providing a worthy service to them and that they should hire someother slave. Has anyone got any suggestions or am I doing the right thing? I'm now off of my soap box.


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Have seen some that you would not believe. I stay far away from those. (always too many power hungry managers, too many attitudes, too little money)


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Flint, Michigan
It doesn't matter HOW good of a job you do, they'll sell you down the creek next year to save 10 bucks a month, if they can.

Big M LawnnSnow

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Belle Mead
Ummm I would have asked her...If the crew last year would have done this and done that, How come there not doing it this year?
Maybe the crew that did it the year before them did more stuff?
Hmmmm But what about the year before that?
Well you could get a punch list from them and every week just do what is on it. and as she adds more after that charge them all as extras.


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collierville tn
maybe you oughta go and talk to her...around here alot of hot chicks work as property mgrs...sounds as if she needs some tlc...also sounds like she needs something to put her whining arse in a good mood if you know what i mean...


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southern Georgia
I would let her know how you do things. Take charge use whatever you can to be over her head. Once you have her cofused and show that you will not take her crap she will fall right in line.

Randy Scott

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Another person quick to "drop" someone without first communicating with them and to educate them a little about yourself and how things work. You have a new customer and need to build a relationship with them. Set something up to meet with them in person. Make a point to go see them even if they're not interested. If every time you get agitated with new clients over something like this, you might as well end your business now.

Personally, being a new account, I would have spent MORE time on the property than necessary just to look things over good, let the people peeping out the windows at you know you are concerned about the facility. You never know who's hawking you during the day, whether it's big mouth tenants or the manager.

Too much pissin' and moanin' on this site about customers. Not every customer is going to be great. But they are a customer at least. Trust me, I know it's VERY hard to do at times, but you need to adjust your attitude a little and play the game. I learn this every new year in business. I'm not at all saying to bend over back-wards, but some flexibility is needed if you want to succeed.

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