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beverly hills,fl
priced a 48 unit complex today, wondering<br>if 3500.00 per cut based on 33 cuts sounds fair.<br>my first time pricing such a big job.<br>any suggestions would be helpful.


LawnSite Senior Member
that seems really high for 28 acres but you have seen it i havent 1000-1500 seems more like it per cut<p>----------<br>CJC Landscape Management<br>Winter Haven, Florida


LawnSite Bronze Member
No.VA, zone 7
A few things:<br>Does your price include power edging on a regular basis?<br>Will you have a lot of leaf clean-up or other debris clean-up to do as part of the mowing?<br>These elements as well as how much actual turf you are mowing, taking into consideration the obstacles and trimming that add time to a job should be factored together to derive a final price? Also, some management companies want a service report for each time that you're on the job. This verifies which services were performed on a given day. Add a little time for report production if they want it. The company that I work for has over 80 contracts for common area mowing. The size of these contracts varies according to how large the property is, not how many people live there. Contracts for over $100K do exist. Just make sure that you know how many manhours you are committing your company to perform and plan for equipment and labor accordingly. You might want to read the thread about measuring properties to make sure that you have an accurate number.


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We have a hospital in our area that is about 30 acres and it only pays $1000.00 per cut. Thats edging, trimming and all. Where is this complex at, I might think about moving to your area if things are going that good.<p>Homer


LawnSite Senior Member
Bubba, I think you must have meant $350.00/cut. I've been in the apartment arena before, and I doubt if any manager is going to go for $3500.00/cut. Anyway, for 48 acres, if that was correct, it's probably a little on the low side. I'd probably charge around $800.00 if the property was actually 48 acres. Thanks, lynn