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    Has anyone tried or have apartments How do you get them and how do you contract them.:weightlifter:
  2. DuraCutter

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    Contact Property Management companies in your area.

    For more answers, do a search for "how to get commercial properties" and variations thereof.

  3. jcthorne

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    Most management companies in our area require you to be an approved vendor before you can bid.

    To start you'll need proof of the following:

    Worker's Compensation Insurance (almost always required)
    General Liability (Usually 2 mil around here)
    Commercial Auto Insurance (some require some don't)

    You'll also need to include mowing, weed control, fertilization, irrigation maintenance, shrub trimming, and leaf removal in the yearly bid.

    Mulch and seasonal color is usually not included but you need to be able to give a good estimate because budgets are set every year for things like this. They have a good idea what this costs but include it as well.

    On a side note.....if you're a new guy don't be scared to go after the big contracts....that's where the real money in this business can be made. You also better know what it costs to do this job.......a big job can break you quick if you don't know what's going on; so don't freaking assume you can do it for 30% less than the current provider because you can't.

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