Aphid Control on Crepe Myrtles.

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Taylor0262, Sep 25, 2012.

  1. Taylor0262

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    Hello everyone! I am new to posting here at this site but i have browsed and read lots of helpful information here in the past. I am licensed and own a Weed control, Fertilization company. We have recently been getting into some unfamiliar territory and could really use some help. I have a contractor that wants us to kill some aphids for his customer on their crepe myrtle tree. I shop at Lesco and they recommended i use Cross Check and orthene, Which i did only to find out while yes it did kill 95% of the existing infestation they came back in a bad fashion within 3 weeks. Please help! What would you guys recommend? I just really want to do my Sub right and do a great job for his customer. Thanks in advance!
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    As you can see from this link from Texas A&M, repeat applications are necessary. http://insects.tamu.edu/extension/publications/epubs/eee_00022.cfm
    The good news is that you are at the end of their cycle.
    A licensed applicator should know this or know how to find the information before taking action.
    Google is a wonderful tool.
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    Tempo by Bayer works well.
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    I am going to let my Tree Hugger side come out and suggest imidacloprid as a Preventive. In fact if the aphids aren't too bad I might use it as a Curative. The Idea is imidacloprid only controls bad insects and not the Predator insects.

    IPM stands or I Pay Materials (in my book at least). To me good IPM is preventative treatment of a good systemic that only effects the bad insects. I try to Up Sell Ornamental Shrub Pest Control because it is so easy and PROFITABLE.

  5. turfmd101

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    You should go cheap, easy and safe with insecticidal soap this late in season. Foliage aphids are easy to kill. This late in the season you don't have to panic. As temperatures drop. Hopefully it will get cold enough soon enough for your crepe myrtle to go dormant and defoliate, SHEDDING ITSELF of the aphids. They should be gone on their own soon enough. Are you seeing them active or just seeing alot of sooty mold? How large of crepe is it? Can you spray all areas needed? Most of the sooty mold will go away with defoliation also.
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    Thanks for the response everyone! Some good advice here. I can spray all areas of the tree no problem. I.have been seeing sooty mold but a lot of that was gone after the first treatment. I know the trees are about to drop their leaves so maybe your right . I will most likely spray it with insecticidal soap because the same trees have some scale! Also for future knowledge . Where can you buy tempo by Bayer?
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    Imidicloprid will kill bees if I recall...
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    use imidacloprid as a foliar, it is the only thing that will break the rapid life cycle on that aphid. Then follow ups treatments can be made with any of the contacts mentioned. It works.

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