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    customer has a row of azealeas that was infested with aphids. they sprayed heavily but the plants look bad. there are no holes in the leaves, but they definitely sucked the heck out of the leaves, they look scaley, and very very dry. there is a little bit of new leaf growth on all of the plants that hasnt been damaged. do u think these plants will survive?
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    Yup, since they have been treated already, it may damage them to treat again soon in an effort to keep the aphids off. I would recommend using soap and water mixture, hit them maybe lightly once a week until they fully recover.
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    Is it aphids or lacebugs?
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    Be sure azaleas and their evergreen friends get winter irrigation, too. Although maybe that won't be too difficult this year in your neck of the woods...:cry:

    Since they are stressed now, inadequate water for during the winter could wipe them out going into the spring.

    Did they some acidic fertilizer for the season?
    A little TLC will keep em growing.
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    When the aphids attacked my pansies earlier this spring, it looked almost like herbicide damage at first. The leaves were puckering and curling. Once I finally treated the aphids, it took a long time, but new foliage sprouted and the old foliage stayed the same and eventually fell off. The plants looked pretty good before the summer heat started coming along.

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