Apology to ICT Bill and Phasthound (Barry)

Discussion in 'Organic Lawn Care' started by NattyLawn, Jan 17, 2009.


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    ok matt ill buy lunch and take you to the vet to see where you hit your head.:)
  2. NattyLawn

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    If you're going to make claims to a product's efficacy, they need to be backed up. That's the thing Bill did not do. Unfortunately we're in a business with a lot shady characters so we must ask questions. I'm not saying what we did was wrong per se, but a little over the top.
  3. ICT Bill

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    Please be specific, to say "Bill did not do" is misleading at best

    Bill did not do what??????
    Exactly where would you like me to send the information?? please be specific as to the information that was not given, please!!!
  4. Tim Wilson

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    Bill, this is easy for you to do. Just look back through the threads for all the unanswered questions which have been posed to you and your inferences to SFI tests, etc. for your products.

    I'm sure everyone would be overly satisfied to see these results, etc. posted here and or on your site.

    This homework is up to you, as the questions, I believe have already been asked.

    If you were refering only to (general) studies/tests of similar products to yours and not your's specifically, just say so.
  5. ICT Bill

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    I have said 7 dozen times, jeez tim
    send us an email as to the information that you would like to see and we would be happy to oblige. I have never seen an email from you or anyone else from the forum (except Matt) that has asked for information.

    are you just plain lazy or are you trying to play GOTCHA, paranoid organic forum cool, you can have it. how much information have you posted on this forum??? Is that the way you guys want to play this?? I don't

    You make it sound like I am a scoundrel, like there is some conspricacy going on. give it a rest. I need to confess, JF Kennedy, UH HUH it was us, ML King yep
    WTF, get some vitamin D
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    Great answer.

  7. Tim Wilson

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    Well Bill, you know that to not be quite acurrate and I am not trying to stir up any trouble nor make you out to be a bad guy. My post was not uncivil and undeserving of such an affront. You will have noted my defence of your product on this forum on more than one occasion if you were paying attention.

    Regarding questions, it seems to me that you have utilized an evasive technique by throwing out sarcastic comments as you have now done or you just don't post for a while. I believe I have noticed an evasion of direct requests for test results, etc. If I am wrong, I stand to be corrected.

    I was inferring in my post that it should be up to you to track down these questions, not others.

    But lets put that to side and proceed. Can you post here the SFI test results on your products? These would be the test results you referenced in a post a while back. Perhaps some of the folks can repost their questions which might remain unanswered.
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    I think it is safe to say... this thread flipped completely upside down...

    Kiril has to remind me of the end goal all the time... which makes me feel like :hammerhead:

    I would suggest page two of this thread has missed the mark in a similar way...
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    ok so a re post, if he can answer, if not I'm still cool....

    " where does the base material for the NPP come from, country of origin if possible??, or just a US or non US will also work for me. PM, mail, smoke signal. and if he cant say then thats still cool."

    I would like just to say that even if we ( all of us ) can be friend's and still not agree then at least we are still friends.......

    maybe a boxing ring is needed for a while.

  10. phasthound

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