App schedule for ICT's NPP 1-2-3 for Necrotic Ring Spot

Discussion in 'Organic Lawn Care' started by DA Quality Lawn & YS, Apr 16, 2012.

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    I am having trouble getting a response from Bill so will post in LS.
    What kind of app schedule should I use when combating NRS with 1-2-3 NPP from ICT?

    At this time, I will be applying this product to 3 of my residential customer's lawns with a known NRS problem. All are sodded KBG/Per Rye lawns over hard clay - the typical new development around here. All had NRS flare up bad last year with the heat and weather pattern of mid to late summer.

    Right now, our temps are running 50's daytime and 30's night.

    I want to do this right....when should I put down the first app of 1-2-3 NPP on these lawns? What temp trigger should prompt me to get out there and get the first app down? Also, should I apply first at the preventative or curative rate? My mind tells me curative for the first app because the disease is already present in these lawns.

    I just want to get the timing right on this. To mistime on an expensive product like this is basically farting in the wind then.....
  2. DA Quality Lawn & YS

    DA Quality Lawn & YS LawnSite Fanatic
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    Bump - anyone help out?
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    I'm only a homeowner so i can only provide what i read off ICT website. I just purchased some of ICT's products. I did go to Bill's site and according to ICT's website NPP can be applied in late spring as a preventive and as needed in the summer. I printed off the 2011 Organic Turf program pdf. This file gives timeframes and amounts to use. If you email Bill from the ICT contact page, he most likely will get back to you pretty soon. I think he's busy this time of year, but he responded to my emails pretty quick.
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    Thanks for the tip on that web page, good resource. I didn't see that page before.
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    There used to be a lot more discussion about his products, maybe because they aren't new anymore the discussion has died down.

    According to posts by Bill many times, he has said that when sprayed upon a fungal infection you can actually see it melt away within a few hours in many cases.

    The bottle indicates that you should put down 3 oz/k for curative and 2oz/k for preventative. I believe it says to apply approx every 14 days or basically it is like an inorganic in how often it is applied.

    Here's a link from Purdue, which is close enough imo for you to use as a guide for WHEN to begin applying...I believe it says when the soil temp reaches 65.

    In the Chicago area, the soil temperature at a depth of 4 inches is currently 50 degrees, so it is too cold for the first application if you follow the Purdue guide.

    EVERY operator here would suggest that cultural practices designed to improve the soil and environment for the turf is the best long term solution to the problem. You probably already know that though.
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    That is great info thanks chitown. Looks like I have a little while to wait b/f first app. I would imagine mid May or so will be go time......

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