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    Hey guys and gals. I just did a search for some ideas on appartment complexes and pricing. Well, it turned up zilch. I am interested in hearing from you guys on pricing. I have a copy of the contract for the current company and about hit the flow when I saw what they were charging. I don't have any comparable type customers right now, so I wanted to see if this is par for the course or if this company is taking them to the bank. It is aprox. 200 units with a play area behind some of the buildings. I have not taken the time to measure everything off, but she did tell me that the current company comes out with four guys and two mowers and finishes up in about 5 hours. Their contract states that the monthly investment covers cutting grass 44 times a year, triming shrubs once a year and blowing leaves away during the fall. They are charging them $2,900/month. That is about $670/week. Is it me or does this sound high? Thanks in advance for the help. John B.
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    Ahhh the numbers game ....44 cuts in SC ....Wow that seems high ....we get 42 in down here ....

    But any who with the 44 cuts ....$ 34,800 per year works out to $790 per visit out to bout $39.50 per hr ....the single hedging hours n leaf hours are built in that kinda lowers the per man hour ...

    I doubt they cut 44 times they are getting over on that side .... all depends on the time with hedging n leaf clean up
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    I don't think thats good for 4 guys. I can do more then that with 3 guys going out for 5 hours on residential yards... much better.
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    Ya I hear you on that one ....the one nice thing bout these larger jobs is against the Overhead ..... it helps to pay the bills ...n is nice to fill in time on routes

    20 man hours in June is like 12 man hours in Oct-March thou .... we maintain a large spot which takes 45-50 man hours in mid summer .... last week we got out of there under 35 ....n that was with a final hedgin ....

    But I too like the resi's n out ...on n on ....those big jobs tend to beat up the guys n they slow down
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    Tough to say being form the north things are bit more expensive here. What is your hourly rate? I'm at $50 per man hr, so 20 man hrs per week I would want $1000. Given that it is one park no travel I'd might go 40 per hr. You just need to know your costs. Don't assume they are to high if you don't know your costs! Why are they looking to change companies? They are very helpful with giving you the pricing, but you don't have to beat it to get the job. If you can show them your value and stay at the same rate they may be better off.
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    My 1st thought is who can "really" know the exact time it takes them,but them. Then what are the 2 mowers 72" cut or 44" cut big difference. So really you have to walk the place and figure how long its going to take YOU and YOUR equipment,then price from there. My 1st rule never trust someone else "idea" of what or how long a job will take.
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    Another question with no answer. It is said that the complex is 200 units. So what? What does THAT tell us? There are apartment buildings in NY with 60 floors, 1200 units, and less than a half acre of grass.
    Does this place have much property? Playground? Common grounds? Park? swimming pool to maintain around? Many trees? beds, berms?

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    How are you doing "Much Better" than that with residentials in 5 hours. If you figure an average residential lawn brings $50. to make $790 in 5 hours, you would have to cut 16 yards. Even running 4 men wide open, I don't see how you can pull that off. That would mean that you would spend aprox. 19 mins on each yard and that doesn't take into account transit time. I am not trying to attack you, but that just seems kinda far fetched. Thanks, John

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    It is a decent amount of grass. The worst part of it is the buildings are only two stories, so that means that there is a lot of sidewalk grass to be cut. I agree that an efficient crew could do better than this man hour wise. Personally I don't see the need for that 4th man unless you are trimming the hedges or putting out straw.
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    put the address on here and we can look it up on google earth...that will give us an idea of the property if a good picture shows up....

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