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    We found that white long sleeve button shirt, long workman style pants not jeans, and a wide brim hat with breathing vents protect us from the sun and look very professional. Try it you might be surprised how well it works without the sun beating down on your skin. Added plus is you are protected from grass debris from line trimmers and edgers that seems to hit your legs below the knees. We always remove hat and ear plugs when going indoors or speaking to a customer. Shoes, we always remove them on rare time we go inside home even if they say you do not have to. This shows respect and professionalism to most customers and prospective customers. I get many comments from "baby boom" and older era customers that this reminds them of their Grandfather or Fathers work clothing. Seems to bring fond memories from many of a seemingly simpler time. Make even young workers appear professional and respectful.

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    I wear long sleeve shirts with collar all the time. I buy cotten dress shirts at discount stores for about the same price as a good t-shirt. I find it's actually cooler than bare skin in the hot sun. I also wear light weight long pants and and a wide brimmed hat. I went thru that healthy tan look when I was young but now the doc's cutting it out with a knife.
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    "Shirts on policy here", no pool swiming even if asked,no drinking even if offered, [ alcohol]......Driveing policy, to wave on other drivers at 4-way stop signs, drive in the center lane of 3-lane roads, never go over the speed limit, and certainly no yelling, hollerin, or cat calls from company vechicals......"Our customers seem to like us just fine" :cool2:....PS...if smokeing [ God only knows why?], field strip & pocket remains!
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    I can not remember the last time i had a farmers tan? I havn't wore a t shirt since the 2nd week on april. When i have a shirt on its either a company sleveless t or a company tank top. IMO both are as professional as regular t. Mowing i wear a shirt expect for a few accounts that i am not visible from the road where i know the people real well. On hardscape jobs and landscape installations i'll work with no shirt on and my employees do too unless their fat asses. Most people understand that we do hard work in hot weather and do not even think twice about no shirts. I think sometimes people think to much about it. As long as your in decent shape, it isn't a big deal. Also if you have tatoos i'd leave my shirt on especally if they are gang related or that chinese tribal bs.

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    sometimes i wear absolutely nothing at all
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    Well being a woman, I leave my shirt on. ;)
    And no, Matt doesn't go without his company t-shirts either.
    But I'm surprised at the people that said as homeowners they would not allow someone on their property without a shirt.
    What about roofers? Roofers all the time take their shirts off. What would you do, go outside and yell up on the roof, "Get down here now Joe, you are not working here unless you have a shirt on!!" :dizzy:
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    Huh? No tank shirts? No sleevless shirts? You guys are nuts.

    I dont work over 85 in a t-shirt. Tank shirts only but a shirt must be on. I do like the moisture wicking polyester t's though. If I could only find them in a tank...

    If anything less than a t-shrit is not acceptable than shorts should not be acceptable either.
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    This, too, is our policy. We supply Hensley styled shirts, wide brimmed straw hats, gloves, and boots. The guys are required to wear long trousers. We also supply the neck bands that you soak in water that swell up and keep you cool all day. The guys will play with the water hoses back at the shop whilst they clean the equipment at the end of the day. It is tacky, in my opinion, not to wear a shirt if you are on a customer's property. I'll take my shirt off at home but because I'm covered with Celtic knot tattoos, never on the job.
    I have worn my kilt to the jobsites before. Customers love that and a few have even gone out and bought one. It's nice to be the Supervisor!!
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    LawnBabes, Inc. - We make your lawn look better for at least 1 hour :)
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    No doubt, but what if u got a nice muscular body without the usual american fat tissue, and an even tan to boot? I always said it doesn't actually matter how you run your company so long that what you do is truly yours (i.e.: do what you think you should do, not what everyone else says). I prove this last concept every single day by completely ignoring most corporate lies (ex.: never had business cards, no insurance, no sign on the truck, topless in the heat, etc, etc...).
    It's your company - Do what you want, is what I say. In the end, if the customer approves - GREAT! And if they dont, tbss (too bad, so sad). Another way to look at it is, if the customer can put up with ME, then they are one GREAT customer (errr, let the pros deal with the rest (of the pitas)).
    And if going topless means I'm a scrub, then a scrub I am (btw, women are attracted to certain types of scrub, lol, but you might just think twice about going topless in a married woman's yard cauz of the adultery issue).

    Peace out.

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