Apple Scab-Cedar Apple Rust ?

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Mgardner, Apr 5, 2003.

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    Eastern red cedar is a host of cedar apple rust. A red cedar within ½ mile of your apple variety can be one of the alternate hosts. (If wind direction is just right, can go up to two miles.) Juniperus spp. is another host. The apple side includes apple trees, crabapples, and hawthornes, which are in the apple family. If you really want a great display of this disease, plant some junipers in close proximity to a hawthorne, LOL. It will add color and texture to the landscape, :D.

    While there are fungicides to use to control both apple scab and cedar apple rust, I have never attempted such short term control. If the genus of crab or hawthorne is so necessary in the landscape, it is much more logical to replace the tree with a resistant variety. Much better results working with nature than trying to fight it with chemicals.

    Remember, success with any landscape is 99% cultural practices, and 1% chance. The most important cultural practice is to PUT THE RIGHT PLANT IN THE RIGHT PLACE. Planting crabs or hawthornes with junipers is a very poor cultural practice, because you will get a problem someday. Unless you use resistant crab and hawthorne varieties.
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    Appeared last season everyone of these crabs were affected. My brother also hinted at replacement as a more cost-effective option. It would be good for business to sell this notion to department heads of facility. Will have to provide them with proof the trees are diseased and thus symptoms won`t appear until the season warms up ..... From what I`ve gathered this is not going away . 22 trees maybe Red Sunsets , Purple Autumn Ash as replacements will be a tough sell . This is a claims office for a major insurance company and all the administrator does is more or less sign off on the renewal of contract . Corporate headquarters handles this stuff so I`ll get the ball rolling.Meanwhile I`ll get an outside bid for rotating treatment as well as my cost ,verses cost of removal and installation of new trees.Make them a proposal in other words.:waving: Thanks for the insight. It`s amazing a person comes on here and can get ,what I believe is a good cross section of support from experianced in the field professionals.
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    This thread is exactly why design people and maintenance people should work together better. Your client would have been better served all around with better plant selection during the design phase.
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    OK, Mgardner, now all you have to do is positively identify your problem. When disease manifests itself, send samples to your state diagnostic lab, and find out for sure what problem you have. Or if you know someone locally who is knowledgeable, get their input. You would really blow your credibility if you call it one problem, and it turns out to be the other. Whichever it is, you must be aware of both problems if executing a replacement strategy.

    If it is cedar apple rust, you could identify it now on the junipers. But what if it is in fact both diseases? LOL. Mother nature is so simple, and can get so complicated for us.

    As far as the landscape designers, there are few real ones left. Most landscapers just think about selling plants, and forget the cultural requirements and compatabilities. Lamentably, real landscape design is becoming a lost art.
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    Correct, I will guess this facility has been there 12 or 15 years. Which brings another "problem" I have with the trees. Around each trre i am required to spade edge and mulch. Problem is, and this is my opinion ,they surrounded each tree 4`circle with fiberglass weed mat/barrier. Shoot me down if I`m mistaken but wouldn`t the tree be healthier WITHOUT weed barrier? The mulch can not biodegrade above root ball so my guess is nutients are inhibited also to reach roots. I`ve got a notion to jerk the weed-mat out.:angry:

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