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  1. ParksLandscaping

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    I am wondering if any of you guys have "applications for employment". I have a few guys that are interested in working for me, but I was wanting to give them application, so that I can find out some brief information about them. If any of you do, could I please see an example? You can send them to the following ""


    David Parks
  2. Fantasy Lawns

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  3. Rex Mann

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    Any office superstore sells them for about 5 buck for 50.

  4. BDP

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    I agree, we got a whole packet of professional apps @ the local Office Max, same one I filled out getting jobs a long, long, long time ago, lol Good Luck.
  5. bob

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    Staples also has them.
  6. tpirobert

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    I also got apps at Office Depot, but also made up my own list of "minimum employment requirements" that are not on the application. I give this list with application. My list consist of:

    1. Must be 18 or older
    2. Valid driver lic.
    3. Capability to perform physical work all day
    4. Can get to shop at start of work day on time AND complete the scheduled day.
    5. Provide own lunch
    6. Adequate and appropriate footwear/clothing for working outside in varying weather and terrain and of neat appearance. ( t-shirt, sweatshirt, jacket provided)
    7. Telephone number where you can be reached.

    I tell new applicants to not apply unless they can meet the above requirements. This will save a lot of headaches later.
  7. ParksLandscaping

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    HEY...Thanks guys. I really appreciate all the help. I really like the requirements for employment. Thanks!!!

  8. Stonehenge

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    I've also used a physical test to separate the weak from the strong, something that will be expected of them in a normal day.

    After the interview, I show them a wheelbarrow with 5 Versa-Lok block in it (about 400 lbs). I tell them they need to wheel it to a certain place, turn around and come back. Then I show them, to demonstrate that it's a normal expectation.

    It's amazing how the cockiest of applicants turns into a sheep when they dump over the barrow.

    (I used to use bags of sand, but got tired of cleaning up sand)
  9. UrbanEarth

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    I always request a resume. I have found that the people who will put in the effort to write up a cover letter and resume are generally better workers. This will also give you some idea of their work experience and work ethic (spelling mistakes, poor grammar, lack of attention to detail, etc.). It can also show their communication skills, which can be important if they are dealing with your customers.

  10. Greenkeepers

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    I like Urbans idea with the resume. Usually people have ads in the paper to call xyz lawn care.. When I have to look for employees I'm going to make them submit resumes...

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