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I have two questions.
1- I had a licensed applicator apply granular Trimec to kill some broadleaf weeds on a lawn. This was done 730 this morning. I told the customer not to water and keep foot traffic off of the lawn. The weather might be a factor (rain). How long should Trimec stick to a weed, possibly get washed off and yet still be effective? I realize that liquid is better but its a long story.

2- Im looking into getting a pest. lic. for next yr. Have all the info and test dates and material. What in your professional experience is a decent/good sprayer to apply herbicides. What size tank should I get if my lawns vary from 5-35k sq ft. I'll be sure to go with a Honda motor and a 300 ft hose. All input is greatly appreciated.


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1) Liqiud application of Trimec will be effective in 30 minutes, never used dry but if applied properly should be in that range.
2) do a search on the word "spray" in the subject area. You will get over 2 dozen threads and over 100 comments. This subject has been discussed so much in the past, you will get a lot more info by searching than asking the question again.


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There are many more qualified opinions than mine on this but I have learned that Trimec has to be on at least 24 hours to be effective. That said it first has to be applied under optimal conditions. Trimec is only effective as it sits on the weed. If the lawn was dry when applied then you will not see much in the form of dead weeds. A heavy morning dew is the best as the droplets are small and the trimec can adhere and dry on the weed.
I applied granular on a day when there was dew and no chance of rain (so they said). It rained the same night and I had to go back and spot spray with a backpack sprayer. The fertilizer part worked great but the weeds needed the liquid hit to knock them out.
I can't help you much with Q2 as I am looking into a bigger sprayer myself. One hint - check with your insurance carrier to see if you have to increase your coverage for spraying as you can get into some trouble if things aren't done right. Good Luck.


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Ocutter, Just thought I'd let you know what I have been using for several years. I have two systems, one for lawn and one for ornamentals. The lawn tank is 200 gals. using a Udor pump and a 5hp Honda. At 2gal per 1000 you can treat 100K per day. That may not be enough for some, but is more than enough for me. My ornamental system is a 100 gal with a Hypro pump and 5 hp Honda. And it has done a good job also. Both systems have done equally well, however, I find that the Hypro is the pump that everyone uses around here, so if you need parts, or someone to work on it, that seems the one to buy.