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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by cleancutccl, Sep 15, 2004.

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    What are most people charging for dry fertilizer application prices. Currently I'm charging $3.00 per k, + supplies w/ markup. Is this pretty close to most others? Just asking, 1st year in business, so far have had no complaints on prices, but don't want to be too low and be out of business.
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    Give each yard individual attention and you can charge whatever you want. If there's any crabgrass, spray it b4 they call you. If there's nutsedge, just take care of it, no need to waste time with another visit and charge extra. Blow off all paved surfaces, decks, etc, even if you didn't make a mess on it. Do the little things that's easy for us to do. That's the kind of attentions customers want and don't get from the big national companies.

    Well to answer your question. We charge in the neighborhood of $4 / 1000 plus a stop charge of $20. This includes insect and grub control. Add on aeration and overseeding in the fall and get another $3 or $4 / 1000 per visit.

    75% of our customers get aerated and overseeded at least once per year
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    I charge .004 / sq ft for each application I'm doing, meaning if it's just broadleaf killer, it's .004 / sq ft.

    If it's "weed-n-feed" it's .008 (.004*2) / sq ft.

    If it's a customer that I like, it's .006 or .007 / sq ft for the weed-n-feed. :)
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    Clean Cut, I'm with Bush trimmer on this one. You need a min. stop charge. Ours is $32.00. We charge $ 1.50 per K plus the $32.00 stop charge. The buck an a half is for cost of materials. Then we also add in a degree of difficulty. Tac on on few bucks if the turf areas are hard to get too. I have had lawns that are only 4k and took over 30 min. to spray.
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    Let's take a 10,000 sq ft lawn fertilizing with aeration and overseeding.

    5 stop charges @ $20.00 = $100.00
    5 * 10k * $7.50 = $375.00
    Total $475.00 for year

    fert cost approx $45.00
    grub control approx $50.00
    seed cost approx $25.00
    aeration labor approx $50.00
    total costs $170

    Now... before you get started, I know there are costs I'm not even going to touch. But, I do all the fertilizing myself, have a landscape crew do the aerating. Yards are pretty weed free, I just spot treat weeds, no broadcast weed applications unless new and necessary.

    For 3 hours of work a year, I think it's pretty good money.
  7. philk17088

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    OK here's my take.

    10k lawn,5 apps per year @ $68 each= $340

    Aeration 10k = $150
    Over-seed 10k= $70
    Total revenue= $560

    Material costs=$49

    Gross profit=$511
  8. TSM

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    those numbers look good philk, but.......

    I assume you have a truck? fuel/insurance/repairs

    I assume you have some sort of office? phone/electricity/paper supplies/etc

    I assume you have insurance? liability/workers comp

    Do you use an accountant? fees

    Do you advertise at all? costs

    ALL cost of doing business (overhead) needs to be figured in before you can get your 'profit'

    Okay, i just re-read your post. You did mention "gross profit" [my bad] So i assume you figure in all the above expenses plus your salary before you figure your NET PROFIT?
  9. cleancutccl

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    Where can you get all your supplies for $49.00. Lesco? I have talked to them and they say their prices aren't much cheaper than Home depot, unless you buy a semi load.
  10. philk17088

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    Yes, all that is figured in for the net and it ain't as high as i would like it to be!
    Thats why i can't fgure out how some guys make money with the prices the charge.

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