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Application program for the KC area?

Discussion in 'LESCO' started by PGA, Nov 14, 2005.

  1. PGA

    PGA LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 710


    I was given this program by my Lesco rep but many people here disagree with some of it. Espescially the winter.

    1)Dim 0.1% 19-0-6 30% PPSCU
    2)Dim 0.1% 19-0-6 30% PPSCU
    3)Merit 0.2 14-0-14 30% PPSCU OR 24-0-11 50% PPSCU if no grub control is needed
    4)Fall 32-3-8
    5)Winter 40-0-0 or 35-3-5

    99% of my yards are fescue.

    What do you think about this and are there any changes or tweaks you might make to it?
  2. Bob West LESCO

    Bob West LESCO Sponsor
    Messages: 176

    PGA -- I checked w/ our Tech Services Department, and they told me the following:

    "The program looks good to me from an agronomic standpoint. If he is not getting desired results I would recommend he do some soil testing on his properties to determine pH and nutrient availability. From the test data we may be able to "tweak" his program."

    I know this isn't as much of an answer as you would like, but your local LESCO Service Center should be able to help w/ the soil test and then analyzing the data to tweak the program.

    Let me know if you have any further questions,
  3. PGA

    PGA LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 710

    Thanks Bob, my rep is August from the Olathe store and he's a good cat. Always willing to answer questions and emails from idiots like myself ;)
  4. LonniesLawns

    LonniesLawns LawnSite Senior Member
    from KS
    Messages: 317

  5. Runner

    Runner LawnSite Fanatic
    Messages: 13,497

    That program might be agronomically sound, but it is weak, at best. This is very close to a trugreen program. With a bit of research, you will be able to come up with some variations that will make all the difference in the world.
    Hint: Look for names like Tim (Timturf), Ric, and Tremor. And of course, me...the center of no information.:)
  6. PGA

    PGA LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 710

    What would you do differently runner?

    BTW those first 2 apps also include spot spraying for weeds.
  7. PLM-1

    PLM-1 LawnSite Bronze Member
    Messages: 1,640

    Why not make .22 of dimension one time instead of the two step? I don't really care for that winterizer either. Why so much nitrogen? What is it's slow release rate? 75% hopefully
  8. Jason Rose

    Jason Rose LawnSite Fanatic
    Messages: 5,858

    That's a good program for these parts. I'm going to go with the split app dimension (I think...) next year too. I have been using single app Barricade (stonewall) with good results, but would like better. The only way to get better + some post control is with split app. dimension.

    I don't know whay everyone isn't understanding how fall fertilizations work??? You DO NOT want slow release in the late fall (november). You want straight Urea so that the grass plant can absorb as much as it can as fast as it can to be stored for overwintering and spring green-up. Applying a slow release fert in the late fall is throwing money in the toilet. The poly coat isn't going to break down right due to the cold temps and slowed microbial activity. When it finally does open up and release the grass is long dormant and then the N will just be leached in the soil since there's nothing there to grab it up.

    If you have any chlorisis issues you could also look at the 5-10-31 with 10% Fe (i believe it's 10%) for your 3rd app.
  9. DLS1

    DLS1 LawnSite Bronze Member
    Messages: 1,619

    I use Lesco products and that is basically what i used the first year except winter I used 35-3-5 (not slow release). 1,2, and 3 are slow release products. I use Speedzone for weeds.

    I had great looking green yards with this plan and no customers complained. No yards were burned. Just be carefull with spreading the granulars that you don't stop in one spot and the granualars is still coming out the spreader. This would possible burn the grass so water that spot or spread it out by hand.

    I never told the customers to water since it is slow release and never burned any yards.
  10. TOMMY1115

    TOMMY1115 LawnSite Member
    Messages: 169

    That program is what 95% of the people use around here. And Jason is right about the winterizer app. IMO, the later you put it down the better off you are. I have seen better results come spring with putting down the last app as late as possible.

    Plus, it's less expensive from a cost/1000 standpoint and let's face it, it's all about making money.

    As far as a split app or single app dimension. I've actally seen better results using a .21% Dimension when it's put down on the second app versus going with a split app of a .10% Dimension. Come in first round with a high PPSCU and then put down a .21% late April early May.

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