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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Reel_Green, Mar 27, 2004.

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    That is the way I fill my tank also, not as critical with the pesticides due to the usually small oz per k, but I use liquid fertilizer, and that can sometimes throw me for a loop as far as gallons/lbs/k. I spray at a 3 gal per k rate, it seems to me that when you get to a more concentrated rate like 1gal per k or less ie a permagreen that you would need to take into consideration the % of chemical to water to make sure you were not applying more or less chemical than label rate.

    The example you use makes sense, however if you put one gallon in and then 8oz, spraying at the rate of 1 gal per k, you would end up with only 7.5 oz of chemical per k. Like you mentioned probably not a big deal.

    26 gpa coverage of sprayer divided by 43.56 ( sq ft / acre) = .596 gal / m.,
    so 15 gal sprayer divided by .596 gal / m = 25,176 sq ft coverage

    One sprayer tank covers 25,167 sq ft, and you want to apply 1 oz of speedzone /m, you need 25 oz.

    For every 1000 sq ft spray, you add 1 oz of speedrone and add .596 gal of water!

    example using real green info,
    Need to spray 10m, you need 10oz of speedzone and 5.96 gallons of mixture ( water plus chemical) As ric stated, add @ half the water, then 10oz of speedzone, then add the rest of the water to make a total of 5.96 gallons of mixture.

    I would think this would have been discussed in pesticided licensing!
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    I think the most appropriate solution is to calibrate the sprayer before calculating the mix. "26 gallons /acre" from a 15 gal sprayer sounds more like figures from manufactures specifications than from calibration. If 26 gal/acre is calculated from calibration, timturf, Turf Medic, and Ric are on point.

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