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Discussion in 'Seal Coating Forum' started by miketheman, May 20, 2008.

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    anybody have any idea of the coverage you can get spraying vs. brush or squeegee ?

    I know when you spray paint you get roughly 250 sq ft per gallon, but when you brush and roll you get approx. 75-100 sq ft per.

    Does this hold true for sealer ?
  2. EWS

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    Spraying paint and spraying sealer is a lot differant so trying to compare paint sq footage by spraying to brusing/rolling is irrelavent.

    To answer your ? I usually get about 90 sq ft a gallon when sprayed and maybe 75 when brushed or squegee on. I believe if you look at the 5 gallon pails that are sold in most home stores they say it covers 350-450 sq ft.

    Also you have to take many things in consideration, age, type of pavement, when was the last time it was sealed and if it is the first time being sealed. all things to take in consideration before bidding jobs.

    good luck

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