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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by GreenHor7, Dec 11, 2007.

  1. GreenHor7

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    I was wondering how you guys set-up your trailers for applications. I currently have two f250's and i feel that i can not bring a third on as a dedicated spraying truck. So i was looking for some ideas to set-up a trailer. I am looking at purchasing a PG. I am not too sure about a sprayer or not. Maybe a nurse tank only. I do about 900,000 per app right now. Looking for more for next year. I also am considering on doing ornamentals. Probably backpack sprayers. Looking for ideas.
  2. MStine315

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    I run a 7x14 enclosed. Room for 2 machines or a machine and pallet of fert. Mine has barn doors and a standard walk door, but if I had it to do over (and may soon) I'd get a ramp door and a 48" side door to set a pallet in the side. Hand ramps are a p.i.a. and I never have loaded a pallet in the back. (Which was my point of barn doors) I've considered setting up a nurse tank in the front, but never got around to it. THat way you could use the sprayer on the truck for hand spraying. Maybe TScape's pictures are still up. He's got a sweet 8x16 set up for fert. I did a search, but couldn't find them. Mike?
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    I have a 200 gallon lesco space saver in the truck bed and pull a 200 gal. for ornamentals on a small trailer. Get a "magnum" tree gun from lesco and their deep root feeder(it is the cheapest) for ornamentals. How do you mix your chemicals/fertilizer.
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    We added a second space saver early summer which is mounted on a trailer.

    Use a marine battery to power reel. Charging is not problem.

    We only have one vehicle for we go with two sprayers to every yard. Trailer is inconvenient sometimes because we had already got used to spraying from the truck and knew exactly where to stop for efficient hose handling. You will have to re-learn this when you start pulling trailer. I give that responsibility to the techs.

    Dead end and narrow streets, blocking drives with the trailer can be nightmare if you let it, be patient!

    Only got stuck off road once this year.
  5. Tscape

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    I got a new 8x16 this year with a 60" side door, oh and 5200# axles too.
    Here's a pic of the old one too.

    Helluva cruise 009.jpg


  6. Hogjaw

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    Wow..........that's nice.

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