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Applicator license


LawnSite Member
Can anyone tell me if you need an applicator license to spread fert if your boss has one. Can they send out an employee to do this if they are not present, or can the employee get in trouble doing this?
Also how do you get a license? I know you take a test but where do I get that information?


LawnSite Senior Member
In some states you are allowed to use ferts and some low toxicity pesticides under another's license. Usually it requires documented training for employees by a certified trainer. As far as info, you can contact your local Agriculture Commissioner, Cooperative Extention Service, or the Department of Agriculture concerning testing dates and knowledge requirements. There is also a link to all states at the beginning of the threads.


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Flint, Michigan
Here in Michigan, ferts can be spread, but absolutely no pesticides of any sort. Even if the boss is certified, and has a licence, the employee must have atleast a tech. certification if not be a certified applicator.


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there is a lot of variety in regulations, especially in the western states. If your state does require a license for straight ferts, it likely will not allow an application outside of the "direct supervision" of a licensed individual. To me, that means onsite and watching, but I've seen that interpreted different ways by different inspectors. Best to ask specifically for your state since "northwest" is not carrying an ag dept that I know of.