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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by jay, Feb 7, 2001.

  1. jay

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    I will be taking the Qualified applicators certificate test in March, and was wandering whats the best books to study, and what kind of questions are on the test. Is it easy or hard? If anyone from C.A. can answer this it would be best, but all take advise from any of you.


    BUSHMASTER LawnSite Senior Member
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    Not sure about the C.A test but check with your county exstenion office thats their job..
  3. jay

    jay LawnSite Member
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    I did no one seems to know anything down there, They list about a thousand dollars of books to buy was hoping to know the best one for the test.
  4. MLI

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    My foreman and I are taking applicators exam Friday. Ill let you know if its difficult
  5. jay

    jay LawnSite Member
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  6. Frank

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    in my state there is a core book and a catagory book you MUST study these books to past the test. now someone can correct me if im wrong but you could spend a $1000 on diffent books but it does you no good unless you study the core and catagory books.
  7. beck

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    I just ordered my books(cost $40) today after talking with someone who was licensed for about a dozen years. He gave me a few example questions and I realized that this was not something i could go in and guess my way to passing.

    My original thoughts were that i might be able to get by I. One of his examples was "how many times are your supposed to rinse a container after using it? I figured that was common knowledge but i sure as heck didnt have any idea that it should be rinsed 3 times

    my test is the at the end of the month
  8. Garry

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    Here in Rhode Island, the test was 175 questions long. The book that was supplied was a MUST READ. I watched most people finish this test in less than an hour, while I personally took the whole three hours. The test is not hard, but, it can be tricky. Don't waste your time purchasing book after book when the most important book you need is supplied to you.
  9. Island Lawn

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    I've got an option for you!
    I just found out today that I passed my test!

    When I first found out when my test date was, I only had 1 week to prep! I didn't have time to order the study books!
    I could have ordered the books and waited till the next test date, but I'd still be waiting because the next one isn't till March 20-ish.

    So I did a search and found

    They got all the info there.
    I burned up a cartridge of ink printing the study books.
    Never read them. (Working on that now. LOTS of info there!)

    Instead, I went to the practice tests. I concentrated my effort here. It wasn't so much the questions because there are different questions on the real test. But ther is definately a lot of info w/in the questions themselves!

    A decade of college taught me little more than how to take tests. (the 90's were great, they tell me!)

    These mult choice questions have simple patterns to them and even if you don't know the answer, you can reason most out the the process of elimination. Usually, a couple of questions will relate to each other and you can use the combined info to better educate your guess.

    I am not advocating this as the "best" way...but I passed.
    There is a lot I missed out on by not studying like a good little johnny. There is certainly a lot I dont know. But I have a good network of pros that do.

    Besides the most often used (LS), there are my supplers, my county's extension agency, numerous pro orgs...

    There are other threads on this topic. Do a search if you havent already.

  10. KindGardener

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    Jay -
    Next wek I'm going to the Long Beach Show - Last year I picked up info on taking the QAC test. On the back of the orange or yellow paper was a list of the study guides - a couple books - not expensive.
    I'll be there next Wed, if I see them there I'll pick up info & email ya. I'm sure they havde the info on a website somewhere (finding it.... )

    I had a brainfart & forgot to send in my application to take the test, (Mar 24th?) so I'll have to wait till the next go round. Good luck!

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