apply herbicide now or later in fall after overseeding?

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by wpines, Aug 1, 2006.

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    I've used Lesco Eliminate D (dicamba, MCPP, and 2,4-D) in Connecticut with good success on most of my weed problems. Ground Ivy hasn't responded too well.
    I'd like to aerate, broadcast overseed and drag harrow sometime between the second week in August and the first week in September.
    My question is; when would it be best to do another herbicide treatment for weeeds and groung ivy, now before I overseed (it's hot) or after the overseeding has established later in the fall.
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    I would wait till fall, you will get better results then. if you get the lawn seeded in late Aug. you should get quick germination and by Oct/Nov it should be mature enough to handle the herbicide.
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    October is the best time to spray ground ivy. Just be warned that this weed is virtually impossible to get rid of, no matter what you use. If you are going to over seed anyway, consider hitting the ivy with round up before you seed. You can seed immediately, and then hit amy that comes back (and it most likely will) in the middle of October with the Eliminate. Then just spot spray as needed.
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    Your other alternative is to spray Speedzone two weeks prior to seeding. The temps will be much cooler then which should give you better results.

    Speedzone is one of the few broadleaf herbicides with a short residual. Most others require a much longer wait time before seeding.

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