Applying crabgrass pre-em today.

Discussion in 'Fertilizer Application' started by Toro 455, Apr 5, 2013.

  1. Toro 455

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    Soil temps are up according to this website.

    I'm applying one skid (40 bags) with a push spreader. Uggh!:weightlifter:

    Only 3 customers get pre-em so it desn't warrant a ride on applicator. AND it's going down at the minimum rate so there's going to be a lot of pushing.
  2. Kiril

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    Why? If you look at your GDD for crabgrass germination you aren't anywhere close to being time to apply. Also, perhaps I am missing something, but where are the soil temperatures?
  3. Hissing Cobra

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    If you're not doing a 2nd application of Crabgrass control, you should expect your Crabgrass protection to be over by July 4th, maybe sooner since you're doing a light application. Most crabgrass pre-emergents state that they'll control crabgrass for 90 to 120 days (3 to 4 months). I regularly see it breaking down at the 90 day mark and because of that I recommend two applications. If your lawns get inudated with Crabgrass in July/August, you'll know why.
  4. v6rs97

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    What about if he is using barricade. That's season long correct?
  5. Hissing Cobra

    Hissing Cobra LawnSite Senior Member
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    He's using Pre-M, or Pendimethalin. That's about 90 to 120 days for crabgrass control and that's definitely not on the light rate. The active ingredient in Barricade is Prodiamine and it will inhibit growth for up to 120 days as well. Like I mentioned earlier, most pre-emergent controls will last 90 to 120 days but I typically see them break down at the 90 day mark.
  6. RigglePLC

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    I kept data on my crabgrass control results for my customers. I did not find any statistical difference between early-applied and late applied (but still before germination) crabgrass control. I was using Dimension at the time. I used 4 pounds per thousand of the 0.1 percent fert with Dimension. That is about 17 pounds active ingredient dithiopyr per acre. In years past I started about March 10 and finished about May 7th.
  7. Smallaxe

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    And the May 7th app worked as well as the March 10th app... great record keeping... :)
  8. bx24

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    Here is a good site from years ago that I still use today.

    Funny I just got done spraying 8 acres with Pre-M this am in MA (family); based on ground temps and upcoming week I would rather be a tad early that need to use Dim2 for first app. I do splt apps and hit it again in 6 to 7 weeks with Dim 2EC.

    I hate spraying at times but 40 bags; I like spraying now! LOL
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  9. DA Quality Lawn & YS

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    One good thing about this delayed spring is there is NO rush to get the pre down like last year. I am not remotely worried about getting 1st rd down on time this year, to beat the heat, given this weather pattern.

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