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Discussion in 'Fertilizer Application' started by chessman777fischer, Jul 9, 2008.

  1. chessman777fischer

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    I have a customer who wants there lawn to look as green as the lawns around where they live. My clients yard is a lighter green and they want it to look like a darker/richer looking lawn. Is it ok to apply fertilizer and what type is best? It has been dry here but we have had some rainfall in the past week/several days. Any comments will be appreciated. Thanks, Chessman
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    Nitrogen applications when turf is stressed and rain could be questionable are not a good idea. Think horticulture in these cases

    You can put down small amounts of fertilizer as a foliar, just use more water as the carrier, the foliar feeding will get the results you want without introducing a lot of NPK into the soil which could burn the turf.
  3. Lawn Care Expert

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    Try a slow-release fertilizer with reduced Nitrogen, but make sure your lawn is moist 1/2inch down.

    I have also heard Epsom Salts and Iron helps to green a lawn, but have not tried. Iron supplements shouldn't burn the lawn and won't make the grass grow any faster either.
  4. mikesturf

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    If they generally have a lighter green lawn than the other lawns, get them to have their lawn slit seeded in the fall with quality seed. This will help them long term. Short term listen to the above posts.
  5. ATVracer

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    Make sure the fertilizer has iron in it and use +/- 50% slow release.
  6. whoopassonthebluegrass

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    Bear in mind that there's always the possibility that they have a different blend of grass - which can put a ceiling, so to speak, on how green it could get...
  7. Hughfinfan

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    chessman, a few years ago i used a product called ironite on my lawn i greened up within a few days, dont know if i would chance it on a paying customer.but make sure you blow off any of this fert off the side walk it will stain and stay the way for a long time.
  8. Ric

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    I will agree with you on foliar application for a quick green up. As little as 1/10 of a pound of N per thousand will do the trick if applied with lots of water as a carrier. Fe (Iron) and Mg (Epsom salt) along with the N will really made it dark green. A 1/10 of a pound is about all turf can up take in a 24 hour period.


    If you don't have a tank sprayer, the MircalGro hose end sprayer could work well for this application. MircalGro is no secret formulation. It is the same Greenhouse Grade that is blended by many companies and sold under a multitude of brand names. You may find it economical to purchases this from Wally World or Home Cheapo since it is only one lawn. What the heck use their garden hose so you don't drag yours to the job. But try and get as much water as you can on the lawn on a regular bases.


    Ironite is a unique product that has some strange stuff in it that is dug from the bottom of old copper mine drainage pits. It is low in Primary Elements but loaded with Minor elements that real causes a Dark Green. But I believe it is best applied to a well watered lawn.
  9. lilmarvin4064

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    if I remeber correctly, Ironite contains more gypsum than it does iron, likely as a filler.

    Epsom salt?, so magnesium gives you more of a green than manganese? Or would you be better off with a total micro package. I thought most liquid Iron products contain some Mn, not Mg.

    Anyone try Iron Citrate in comparison to a regular Iron sulfate/EDTA? I've heard varying results from different people. A superintendent friend of mine swears by the Iron Citrate; says it lasts a lot longer, 2-3 weeks longer.

    Also, I recently saw a "summer" granular fertlizer blend that contained some Iron Humate, and Iron Lignosulfonate. I've never seen these before. anyone else?
  10. chessman777fischer

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    Hey that is exactly what I used on the customers yard. I did not blow off the sidewalk but it did not look like there was much ironite on the drive or walk. I hope not! Thanks a lot and good luck to you. Chessman

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