Applying Gran Fert on Steep hill

Discussion in 'Fertilizer Application' started by ProCuts Lawn Care, Jun 19, 2014.

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    So I had sent on of my guys out to fert a lawn w/ LESCO 8-0-0 w/ Dimension (6-8 weeks ago, JDL recommended this app at the time). He claimed a few broad leaf weeds had already emerged. This lawn is on a steep hill and it appears that the way it was applied due to the hill has caused some dead spots. I have to send someone or myself to do the next app soon. Any suggestions or advice on what to do for the next app using a 50lbs broadcast spreader on a steep hill.
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    exact ditto with Riggle.

    CHARLES CUE LawnSite Silver Member
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    Yep a chest spreader on a steep hill side or any thing a T3000 won't do

    No push spreader it will go up on 1 wheel or over
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    I think most of us have striped a big hill. I am with the above chest spreader all the way.
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    Working for a company, I used to have to spread granules on steep hills. I would blow the granules with a Maruyama MD. 56 CC engine, 50 lb hopper capacity, and totally mobile because it is a backpack. The machine would shoot the granules at least 50 ft up hill.
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    This is why I love my skid sprayer.
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    Ditto. On inaccessible areas, I use air inducted boomless nozzles on the hand piece.
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    I've been on slopes I have busted my butt every 3-4 steps.. Guess what that was a big reason I don't work for that guy no more....
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    Also applying fertilizer on a steep hill and get a turd floater and the nitrogen greens up the down hill neighbor. Ha gotta love that
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