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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by rkeguy, Feb 20, 2013.

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    We purchased a new house last September and the landscaping was very overgrown, since it was only an elderly lady living there. I have removed tons of weeds and growth from the flower beds and plants that were to big for the area. (Large evergreens up to the gutters, and junipers covering half of the front windows).

    I am now working on removal of english ivy that has invaded from the neighbors yard and is in a section of 12' wide by 80' long. What I did was spray with Quick Kill herbicide then after a week, use my brush cutter and cutting the vines about 1' wide then rolling them with pitch fork. That method has worked well and there are a few vines still lingering. I'm up to the point where the ivy grew into what I think is either a Judas or Japanese Maple. I took a screw driver and pruning shears and carefully removed all the ivy from the trees, then pruned the trees hoping the ivy did not choke them out.

    My question is how far away from the trunks of these trees should I hand remove the ivy before spraying with herbicide? I have been working on the landscaping all winter and was hoping to get all the english ivy removed so I could till and seed before spring. Would the soil be affected by the herbicide enough to not let the seed take root?
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    What is the active ingredient in Quick Kill herbicide?
    Roundup (glyphosate) is a good choice as it does not affect the soil. It will not penetrate mature bark. Don't be surprised when the ivy comes back from the many deep roots and runners. Normal...but grass seed plus three-way or another herbicide used on lawn grass, plus short mowing should take care of it. Naturally it will try to creep back in from any surviving ivy. And if shade is heavy...the grass will not compete well.

    Anyone else have experience with ivy?
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    Thanks for reply. Quick Kill (made by Tiger Brand) main ingredient is Glyphosate 41% same as Roundup but I've had better success with it in the past. I've been spraying then removing in hopes that once removed the runners will die off. Shade has been eliminated since 3 large white pines were removed from landscaping. Weather this winter has been strange and I have been spraying on the 60 degree days. I'm hoping once I get all the runners I can till up area and remove remaining by hand prior to seeding. Once I have it off my yard I will install landscape boarder then maintain edge so it doesn't creep back over. I was not going to spray directly at base of tree but did not know if it would take in by the drip line of the tree.

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