Applying Ironite on Fescue

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by kirk1701, Feb 8, 2012.

  1. grassman177

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    still, what a high cost of fert. it would not be able to be used in a normal fert app here. it would be a specialty fert and premium price for the most part, is that what you are seeing if you use this on a customers place?
  2. Landscape Poet

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    I personally think it needs to be a upcharge item myself. Depending on the situation, if it is your job to ensure that the micros are fixed, then it could save you money vs going the tech mag and sulpomag route i believe - I have not priced them in a few minutes.

    Do you guys address Micros in turf up there? If so how are you doing it on your cool season turfs? I would assume you could address with a liquid but not sure you could address that big of a correction without burn potential.
  3. grassman177

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    i do, and use liquid without any burn. much cheaper per k too.
  4. kirk1701

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    I should be getting my delivery today or tomorrow.
  5. clayslandscape

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    Up-Down-All around

    Thats how I have always used the analysis. First number promotes above ground growth, second promotes root growth and third is an all around.
  6. Jason Rose

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    First, the spreader settings on the bag are merely suggestions to start at and typically are never accurate. I didn't see what brand/model of spreader you are using, nor the brand/model of the other person that threw out another number.


    Second. How is your soil pH? If it's high, closer to 8.0 Iron will have little effect. The grass can't take up the iron well unless the pH is closer to neutral to slightly acidic. The pH being high could also be the answer as to why your lawn is yellowing in the first place. Here in my area the soils are generally high on the pH and I've found that ammonium sulfate once per year really helps. Dispursul is another product to aid in lowering the pH. Even after 1 application I noticed the chronic yellowing was going away.

    Since it's for your own lawn I highly suggest getting a soil test done for everything. That way you will know for sure what it NEEDS instead of throwing very expensive products at it. Again, here phosphorous and potassium are both very high already and adding more isn't going to help much, unless what is there is locked up in the soil and isn't available for uptake.
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    How much for a core test?

    totally off subject but do you guys know how to get the email notification show the response in the email vs only a link saying there has been a response?
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    You can't... Lawn Site has that feature disabled, from years ago, so that you HAVE to come back to the site to view new posts so you can see all of the ADS. Pretty tricky huh? Every other forum I belong to doesn't do it that way.
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    Soil samples took last fall from multiple locations around the yard, pH is right on so did not lime and it was also recomended not to lime on reasons to lower the pH to decrease the chance of fungus also.

    Does make sense since you don't see a field of hay or tall grass dying due to fungus :drinkup:
  10. Jason Rose

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    Ok, good deal. Guess your soils skew towards a low pH there, which I think is what most of the country has. We are just "lucky" here because of the large amount of limestone in the region, though not in my area, we still have high pH issues. I see pellitized lime at the home centers here and just shake my head. People that don't know better or that came from a part of the country where spreading lime once or twice a year was normal, are just ruining their soil with it here.

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